Brian’s Column: What’s the Sane, Sober Prez Ticket for 2016?

The megacriminal Hillary Clinton is the worst possible choice, but then who?

BarrierDepends on your premises. Let me tell you mine. As a primer, please watch the Thrive video (~2 hours), followed by Rule from the Shadows (~0.5 hours). Also please read my monograph The Barrier Cloud (28 pages). These establish beyond a reasonable doubt that 1) a covertly operating Western Cabal, calling itself the New World Order (NWO),[1] is in the process of fulfilling its plans to ‘full-spectrum’ dominate humanity, and 2) it has developed an extremely sophisticated technology of media-and-mind control to engineer/program perceptions and consent among vast numbers of the world population.

MatrixThis particular power conspiracy of the West has been in operation from the middle of the second millennium (AD:01011001-12312000) and with end of dominance by the Church of Rome (via the Reformation, early 1500s) the center of control transferred to the cartel interests of the English Crown—let’s call them the Anglo-Imperialistas (AIs).[2] More recently, with ascendancy of political-international Zionism in the late 1800s and imposition (via the AIs) of the state of Israel, the power matrix has reached the threshold of, just that, an analog of the computer-driven tyranny described in the movie The Matrix. IMHO, the prime movers in this modern planetary ‘toxocracy’—Glob, NWO—are the Zionist-Israeli deep statists (ZIs)[3] and their American neo-‘conservative’ henchmen.[4]

This is the human face of the Glob, but in actual fact, the MOPS supremes may have turned over the day-to-day activities and planning to some neural network or artificial intelligence ‘cloud,’ supercomputer, who knows what… the possibility even exists that the MOPS are an alien civilization or cybernetic hybrid. What is more important than WHO the Glob is is THAT the Glob is. As Jesus said, you shall know it by its works. Here are the diabolical works unleashed upon us by the Global Mob:

The Threat Matrix

In Leaving the Sandbox I developed a set of categories of general system assaults on the people that have been documented extensively… and of course officially denied by the pathocracy. This is my table, The Dirty Dozen: name, desc, with links to current key probative videos and books:

1 Money Monopoly—takeover of the money system, resulting in massive confiscation of material wealth. Credit dom. [a], [b]
2 Atmospheric Spraying—toxic skies, climate mod, weather warfare, threatening end of human story. Mainstream bury. [c], [d]
3 Staged Massacres—as false-flag acts of state terror, 9/11 the Big One, real deaths; resulting in unending war and militarized US. [e], [f]
4 Blanket Surveillance—TSA, DHS, NDAA; goons set loose in Occupied America to prep us for gulag, snitch neighbors. [g], [h]
5 Enforcer Crimes—including torture, war crimes, the War on Drugs (WOD) atrocity, strip searches, police assaults. [i], [j]
6 Gulag Medicine—genocidal-AMA-approved Obamacare; crushing wholistic, naturopathic alternatives. FDA destroying alternatives. [k], [l]
7 Radiowave Pollution—chiefly mandatory ‘smart’ meters, per Agenda 21: wantonly surveil and destroy people’s health in their homes. No testing performed, opt out NFG. [m], [n]
8 Food Fouling—GMOs, CAFOs, etc., eliminating or reducing people’s choices in food; contaminating healthful practices. Includes water contam via fluoridation, etc. [o], [p]
9 Citizen Disarmament—attacks on firearms ownership—thru staged ‘massacres,’ demonizing ‘gun nuts,’ always run as fed black ops. Demonizing Constitution upholders. [q], [r]
10 Mind Desolation—K-12 school curricula; collectivist, mind-destroying drivel, end of independent judgment, reason. [s], [t]
11 Drug Compulsion—psychiatric drugs and vaccines—esp. predatory/mandatory and on children, huge Big Pharma profits from pedicide. CDC on MMR tip of the iceberg. [u], [v]
12 Info Deathgrip—and threats to the Internet, 1st Amendment; persistent lies and dumb down. Protesters jailed. [w], [x]

We the people exist under a regime far more hazardous, even deadly than our forefathers in 1776. And insidious. Thanks to Fraud Media and mind control, few of our countrymen are even aware we are being attacked and that the objective is death or enslavement… and they tend to attack anyone who suggests the reality.

How Will the Candidates Deal with the Threat Matrix?

T_B_Emblem_2In my novel, The Truman Prophecy, I discuss means for bring justice to those perpetrating the above high-crime assaults, in seven of the higher priority categories above. Mainly via exposing the lies, convening people’s independent grand juries to investigate and indict, and finally to self-realize and declare ourselves as independent beings en masse. It’s my firm understanding that none of the presidential candidates has addressed a single category of the Threat Matrix, thus the people will need to take charge and bring justice to the system regardless of who is elected. Which presidential candidate team will afford the greatest opportunity for the people to take charge and start the comprehensive process of cleaning up and remediating the American and world system—ending the high-crimes and ending the Global Mob once and for all?

I’m going to go thru the list briefly of the four main presidential/vice-presidential tickets to assess their resonance with the people taking charge via grand juries (and implementing my Snowden-Manning 2016 political program):

  1. Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine—Hillary Clinton is joined at the hip with the worst and most aggressive elements of the Glob, and will inflict the worst nightmare scenario of all the high-crime assaults once in office. On the plus side, her election may have the relatively immediate effect of armed rebellion. What are the odds, however, that armed rebellion will have a good result?
  2. Donald Trump/Mike Pence—The Donald is the only one to counter any of the high-crime assaults of the Threat Matrix, namely gun control, vaccines, miscellaneous Glob lies, Common Core, the drug war, etc. The problem is, what are the odds he’s speaking truthfully? Further, his extreme closed border stand shows he has no concept of economics or liberty; his attacks on Muslims particularly in light of the Khizr Khan incident show he’s no friend of the Constitution and buys into the false-flag terror narrative. Finally, his purported antiwar sentiments are belied by bellicose statements against the phony and/or contrived terrorist actors du jour (and loose talk about using nukes).
  3. Gary Johnson/William Weld—Like all the candidate teams, Johnson/Weld are victims of the false-flag terror narrative, which is a wholly contrived mind control operation by the Glob for engendering fear and compliance to tyranny. They have no pro-truth leanings on 9/11, geoengineering assaults, GMOs, ‘smart’ meters, vaccines, the income tax, or anything else. They have no libertarian principles that are not immune to compromise or sacrifice. They’ll be on near-50 state ballots.
  4. Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka—Very strong on peace and the civil liberties planks, not afraid to condemn Israel for bad behavior in the occupied territories. Similar to the other tickets, Stein/Baraka have little interest in the truth movements— 9/11 or significantly the geoengineering assaults (despite having Green views on environmental damage). Will be on the ballot in nearer to 40 states.
  5. None of the Above—Write in Ed Snowden/Chelsea Manning [ref.] or someone else… or write in None of the Above. Or even take a the do-nada-anarchist approach and don’t vote.

So recognizing that we want to vote for the ticket (who can reasonably win the White House) who will interfere the least and/or help the most with ending or at least forestalling the Threat Matrix and facilitating people taking charge, who’s it gonna be? Drum roll… ta da: Johnson-Weld… but IF and only IF they start polling within five points of either of the two major tickets and thus have a chance of your vote contributing to their election. Why? Because J-W are simply not libertarians and you’re not making any kind of statement by voting for them unless they can reasonably win.

Note: I’ve just been informed that Gary Johnson is okay with the states mandating vaccines ( That puts him over the edge for me. I still think there’s some good reasoning to vote for the LP ticket, but personally I find the embracing of medical fascism so blatantly offensive I would be ashamed for anyone to know I was once associated with this party. It’s over. You need to vote LP, Trump, Snowden-Manning, or Green, depending on the circumstances… Hillary must not be president.

Johnson-Weld, IMHO, will best keep the lid on things relative to either a Trump or Hillary presidency, in other words, we can count on enough consensus to get us through the next two or three years without major social upheaval… buying us time to get the people moving and taking charge with independent grand juries and other steps I outline in The Truman Prophecy. By the way, stats are showing that a vote for Johnson-Weld is taking more votes from Hillary than from Trump.

My best guess is that if either major party ticket wins, Americans and the world are in for some serious major steps along the full-spectrum dominance agenda of the Glob (the ‘ZI’ strain of the agenda leading toward WWIII and/or the Orwellian global state), particularly with the acceleration of the faux terror narrative. I do have to give an edge to Trump in that respect, because unlike with Hillary, it is NOT an absolute certainty that he will remain wedded to that ZI dominance agenda or the pretenses that support it.

In any case, a Trump or Hillary presidency presents the most challenges to having the Independents rise and putting corrupt government in its place, i.e. 24/7 grand juries producing tens of thousands of indictments of public officials… esp. judges, prosecutors, police, and ‘public servants’ across the board. Why? Because if either wins, they will treat the other’s supporters as enemies, and vice versa, meaning the Glob’s continuing chaos mind-control practices will create more false enemies… and civil liberties infringements. Divide and confuse/conquer has always been the modus operandi of tyrants.

Scenario where I Recommend a Stein/Baraka Vote (or Snowden-Manning)

Still, I have to state, with solid grounds for optimism, that regardless of who wins the presidency this year, the Independents will rise and lead the people to victory over the global mobsters. The Glob’s day is done and its goose is cooked.

Toward that end…

If it looks as if the Libertarians have no chance, then you might want to vote your conscience to ‘send a message.’ Unlike the Libertarian candidates, Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka have stood up to the war machine and to the Global Junta in support of worldwide peace and civil liberties. Dr. Stein favors the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against the government of Israel “to end Israel’s regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid over the Palestinian people.” No one else on the campaign trail has one tenth the balls of this woman to oppose the out-of-control global mob on war and crimes.

That being stated, the Greens remain as clueless as the Libertarians when it comes to the New World Order and the Threat Matrix. They need to be truthers as much as ‘justicers.’ All in good time, I suppose. For this reason, if it appears that the Libertarian Party ticket has no chance and you want your vote to send a positive message—giving notice to the Glob that you will NOT go along with its agenda of war and civil liberties atrocities, then go Green. An equivalent alternative is to write in Ed Snowden and Chelsea Manning, which asserts the radical truth and justice political program of

the #NeverHillary emotional Caveat… and What I May Do anyway

Considering that if Hillary is looking strong—and you judge that if elected her corollary top-down, medical-fascist police state will be imposed without effective resistance, confiscating firearms, sending people like me (or you) off to the death camps, a storm trooper on every corner—I doubt I can resist advocating going all in for the Donald. He may be the only real chance we have to avoid Big Sister and her Orwellian Nightmare.

So here, after all the argument above, for me it boils down to avoiding a Hillary presidency at all costs. With Trump, freedom has a chance, maybe even a sporting chance. With Hillary, freedom has no chance… short of armed resistance. Why? Because she will go for the guns .AND. she will go for medical/psychological incarceration of those who speak out against her. Also, armed resistance will probably turn out badly. My recommendation is “Anyone but Hillary Clinton.” [Note: With Hillary in the White House, the odds are we will not have time for the people to take charge via independent grand juries.]

PS: Many other variables exist to the equation, such as the international economy, HIllary’s basket case health situation, whether a high-crime assault lie is finally exposed, etc.


[1] My term for this malignant entity and its processes is the global mob (Glob) or Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS), which is how I identify the psychology that is into control and power as opposed to creation and freedom. [ref. The Barrier Cloud].

[2] I’m giving you my own broad brush version of how the Glob, from 1500 to our time, came to be configured. The Zeitgeist series of videos seems to do a fair job of attaching names and faces to the historical flow and machinations of the MOPS.

[3] Important note: Political Zionism, as it has developed historically, is to Judaism (internationally) as the Ku Klux Klan is to Christianity (in the Old South). Most American Jews and Jewish leaders originally opposed its artificial-Jewish-state objectives as “racist, theocratic, supremacist, and un-American.”

[4] These are the main players, with some Arab nations and Muslim fundamentalists, e.g. Saudi Arabia and the Wahabi sect, playing a subordinate role in carrying out crimes of the Glob Threat Matrix. [Innumerable false flag operations pointing (falsely) to Islam/Arab causation—for example, the 9/11 attacks and virtually all the recent terror incidents where Muslims have been blamed are crimes of state, that is hoaxes or atrocities perpetrated by state agencies and actors to further a state agenda… like gun control, or violation of civil liberties. In world affairs, it’s common knowledge that ISIS is a creature of the Glob.]





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