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Letter launch of Trumanism and invitation to Global Spring

What follows is a template of a hard copy letter with enclosure of my three-fold Trumanism brochure. It’s a letter with my audience—consisting of individuals to whom I’ve sent my book, The Truman Prophecy—broken into four categories:

  • They’ve read it but not yet posted comments (4-or-5-star review requested) to the Amazon page.
  • They’ve probably not yet read it but I would like them to and then post favorable comments.
  • They’ve read it and posted their favorable comments to the Amazon page.
  • Eventually, I’ll develop a letter template for general promotion, i.e. to those who are reasonable prospects for Independents Rising => Global Spring.

To each of these individuals I solicit spreading the good news and encouraging ‘signing up’ on my Independents Rising site, [Signing up entails expressing support in entering name and contact info and/or indicating level of interest: more info, want to help, have read the personal Declaration of Independents (PDI), have signed and notarized the PDI… and/or will take part in additional work efforts in the Trumanist-Independents’ activity matrix.] In other words, building cadre.

Here’s my first sample letter:

<my addr1>
<my addr2>



Subject: Launch of Trumanism and Invitation to Global Spring[1]
(Letter w/Links@: or .pdf)

Dear <firstname>,

[Please forgive that some of this letter is boilerplate, depending on to whom I’m sending. You are someone close to me who has read my book, The Truman Prophecy. Respectfully, let me ask you again—by way of premarketing testimonial boost—to render a positive few comments as (4-or-5-star) review, by end of month, on the novel’s Amazon page. Here is a link for reference to what others have said.]

Trumanism and the Independents’ Movement are offshoots of The Truman Prophecy, much as Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and heroic individualism are products of her novels, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. A summary of Trumanism appears in the enclosed three-fold brochure.

The politically oriented philosophy of Trumanism is quite simple in broad strokes:

  • Wake (Toto phase)—Expose public official lies and corruption that lead to ‘high-crime’ assaults on the people; [also applies to corporate associates who foster criminal corruption].
  • Stand (Dorothy phase)—Bring justice to our society via widespread people’s independent grand juries, common law, and its First Principles/natural rights foundation.
  • Walk (Truman phase)—In concert with self-realization of one’s Independent consciousness, declare and assert that reality, with kindred others, psychologically and politically.

Yet we all know the angel is in the details. Note, as well, that the sequence of the above phases is how they fell out in my novel—NOT how it always works in people’s real lives: For example, how does one ‘wake’ to the truth without first having the courage to ‘stand’ for what’s right… or without committing to ‘walkone’s own path of awareness.

Live Men Walking

Pat, I realize that even the brochure I’ve enclosed contains a fairly high density of what will initially be new and unfamiliar concepts to many of our Trumanism and Independent prospects. Yet, as a Chinese sage put it, ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.’ So I’m asking you to at least glance thru the brochure seriously and then take that first step with me…

That is, please go to the site and ‘sign up’—that is, click on the Independents Rising tab, read the page, and indicate your level of interest in the form provided. I think Trumanism is destined for success, if we learn its simple tack of ‘hanging together.’



Brian R. Wright (

[1]  Global Spring is my benign-vision word for the imminent work-results of Independents Rising. Also, please spread the word from the online form letter using the brochure and the bumper sticker showing at top left.



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