Brian’s Column: 9/11 Truth Urgency

Must call out the Naked Emperor real soon…
by Brian Wright

Before you enter the temple, forgive. — Jesus

The Enlightenment Approach

Over the past couple of years I’m privileged to have become acquainted with the writings of an important modern spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle. His The Power of Now identifies the need for humans to move to the next stage of consciousness… which is to transcend identification with the mind and live in a felt oneness, and Presence, with Being. (To use the mind rather than having the mind use us.)

Then, last June I discovered Falun Dafa, a cultivation practice that Continue reading

Brian’s Column: 911 Truth and the Grand Awakening

The cathartic potential 911 Memorialof
unraveling the Big Lie
by Brian Wright

In the course of discovering evidential grounds for believing in the alternative theory of what occurred on September 11, 2001,[1] two salient characteristics of the phenomenon of “9/11 Truth (911T) ” became abundantly clear to me: Continue reading