Guest Column: Soviet-Style Justice

Whistleblower experiences ‘Nightmare’ in federal prison
by Shane Trejo, excerpted from column in Bold Future

Doreen“There is an expression in the English language called Kafka-esque,” an exasperated Pete Hendrickson said about his wife’s treatment by the American ‘Justice’ System. “It refers to being enmeshed in an institutional insanity and an institutional impropriety.”

In his first public interview since his wife was kidnapped and thrown behind bars for a crime she didn’t commit, Pete Hendrickson describes the tragic circumstances surrounding his wife’s condition behind bars. Taped back in October, Hendrickson, the author of Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America gives a somber account of the legal nightmare that has torn apart his family. Doreen Hendrickson has now been imprisoned for close to seven months for speaking the truth: Continue reading