Brian’s Column: Coming to Jesus on Vaccines

Deactivating ‘compulsive mind’ on such important issues

jesus_180First, I want to apologize to those I’ve already contacted with a flurry of posts and bcc emails reacting to events of early last week (~9 February 2015) when commentators and Big Pharma pushers called for harsh measures to punish those who resist forced vaccination. [The recent hysteria calling for forced vax stems from a presumably contrived outbreak of measles at Disneyland.] I myself went straight into reactive mode at the horrifying vision of medical fascism coming full bore to the streets, homes, and schools of America.

The problem is that this mental ‘reactive’ or compulsive-mind approach merely spins the wheels of conflict, and fails to break the cycle of medical aggression or to disrupt the reactive/compulsive mind-rack of many otherwise intelligent and decent people who support such vax aggression. Instead what we need to do, particularly with the latter, is adopt what I’ve come to call a ‘Jesus Mode’ consciousness. As someone who fully understands that 99% of the human population is victimized by compulsive mind, Jesus puts himself in a position to break thru that compulsion by parables and simple logic. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Jesus Catharsis, Part 1

Life, death, and love among the gentiles*
by Brian Wright

FLOWNever in my life have I felt the alignment of celestial forces as I do today. The proximate causes are “my twins'” viscerally negative reaction to Mother’s Stone and the ceremony celebrating the passage of a good friend of mine back into the realm of the Great Spirit. The combination of insights of these two watershed events, along with my persistence in wanting to identify the spiritual solution that will free humankind—not to mention yours truly—from the unfriendly intentions of the Cabal, moves me along to a release or catharsis that can help virtually everyone.[1] Continue reading