Guest Column: Shady Origins of Modern Medicine

How the Rockefellers coopted modern medicine and used polio to create vaccine mythology for profit
by Bob Livingston, Personal Liberty [original column here]


As the 19th Century turned over to the 20th, John Davidson Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Trust was coming under increasing public pressure, receiving mounds of bad publicity and was even beginning to feel political pressure even as the company amassed more power.

In 1892 the Ohio Supreme Court had declared the Standard Oil Trust to be an illegal monopoly and ordered its dissolution. The company complied with the court’s order in appearance, but in reality the directors and trustees all held their power and positions and, if anything, the company just amassed more power and wealth as it diversified.

U.S. government action to break up the Trust began in earnest in 1901 with actions to charge the Trust with violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act that had been passed in 1890. In addition to oil and gas companies, refineries, transportation companies and banks, Rockefeller owned politicians and the political process.

So Rockefeller, the richest man in the world, was becoming “the most hated man in America” by virtue of the negative press over his monopolistic practices and his bucking of the government’s actions to break it up. Now he sought to own the public relations by bribing public opinion through a pretended interest in their health. [1] Continue reading

Guest Column: Who is Killing the Healers?

… and why? by Foster Gamble
What explains the recent rash of suspicious suicides, murders, and missing persons working in alternative medicine? [full FG column here]

BradstreetBy Foster Gamble

In June of 2015, a well-respected Florida health practitioner, Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, went missing and was then discovered floating face down in a North Carolina river, a bullet hole in his chest. Foul play?

Why would anyone order a hit on a generous family man who was just trying to do good? The death is still shrouded in mystery. Authorities almost immediately ruled his death a suicide, but his family says otherwise. Who shoots themselves in the chest to commit suicide, while positioned in just such a way that they will fall into a river?

So let’s unpack the back story.

Dr. Bradstreet’s own son was brain damaged following an MMR vaccine at 12 months of age. The experience helped convince the doctor to look into a link between the vaccine and autism. He was working on two leading edge areas of medical inquiry. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Coming to Jesus on Vaccines

Deactivating ‘compulsive mind’ on such important issues

jesus_180First, I want to apologize to those I’ve already contacted with a flurry of posts and bcc emails reacting to events of early last week (~9 February 2015) when commentators and Big Pharma pushers called for harsh measures to punish those who resist forced vaccination. [The recent hysteria calling for forced vax stems from a presumably contrived outbreak of measles at Disneyland.] I myself went straight into reactive mode at the horrifying vision of medical fascism coming full bore to the streets, homes, and schools of America.

The problem is that this mental ‘reactive’ or compulsive-mind approach merely spins the wheels of conflict, and fails to break the cycle of medical aggression or to disrupt the reactive/compulsive mind-rack of many otherwise intelligent and decent people who support such vax aggression. Instead what we need to do, particularly with the latter, is adopt what I’ve come to call a ‘Jesus Mode’ consciousness. As someone who fully understands that 99% of the human population is victimized by compulsive mind, Jesus puts himself in a position to break thru that compulsion by parables and simple logic. Continue reading