Brian’s Column: Turning Point

Will Blind Obedience to Official Stories Be the End of Us?
Brian R. Wright

… or even simple mass acquiescence without belief.

Was sitting for a quick afternoon beer at Moe’s—trying to give him my business during ‘lockdown lite’ since the ‘covid’ op has seriously damaged these fine people—and I noted PGA Tour SS (sans spectators) on the television. Moe’s cook is taking a break at the bar, too, as only one table is occupied. One other guy is there, too, paying customer.

I point to the screen, saying “how much longer?” with my eyes expressing exasperation at the whole capitulation of “Sports’ Nation” to the mainstream-Pharma white-coat panic mongers of the ‘covid’ sleaze operation. “I’ll be sure glad when the NFL opens up to full stadiums.” Both of my fellow barsitters rain on that parade with frowns, practically in unison: “Naw, they’re not coming back… at least not this year.”

The banter continues, with other-customer barsitter telling me that Major League Baseball takes in more money that the National Football League—I didn’t know that, and need to check it out. Anyway, the consensus of the two is that if the panic can kill baseball and hockey (as well as spectator-real golf), it can sure kill the NFL. I still hold out believing that college football, at least, will defy the CovOp. I mean college football fans are ANIMALS, I can’t see them letting  a bunch of pinheaded p-words stomp on their sacred-warrior traditions.

We shall see. Continue reading

Article: Masksteria [url foward from]

End the Maskteria—References and Tools for Crushing the ‘covid’ Coup
Brian R. Wright

Sister Sites in Progress:

Latest outstanding links 1:

Mandated general-public face coverings

Here’s a focused link showing how the surgical mask uses the Bernoulli effect to expel medium-sized and small-sized particles at high speeds way up into the top layers of a room’s atmosphere where they circulate and infect others for days:

Latest Outstanding Links 2

The following bullets form a Tweet that describes the situation we are facing with the ‘covid’ high-crime against humanity operation:

+ PCR tests mean nothing:
SARS CoV-2 does not exist:
cure exists for serious symptoms:
Prosecute the fakers:

The above links are listed in an announcement to store proprietors and managers to make them aware and encourage them to stand for the truth. These announcement forms are located on the following pages for copy and distribution:

For Michigan [Michigan] [Michigan]
[Word doc file, source document for tailoring to your circumstances.]

For Western Democracies in General [Western Democracies] [Western Democracies]
[Word doc file, source document for tailoring to your circumstances.]

And the image for the worldwide one looks like this:

Latest Outstanding Images

Throwing these pictures into the mix, since they go to where we are wrt likelihood of death and the end of the “epidemic” and where we are on the scale of rights.

The CDC’s Infection Mortality Rates Have Not Changed

The Bill of Rights Still Applies, esp. 1st and 9th Amendments

Covtardia is the Only Real Disease We Have to Deal With

Covtardia (the ‘mass-batshit-crazy disease’) = gullible acceptance of the mainstream ‘covid’ official story that a meaningless positive test for an unidentified virus => an infection that will kill you [when 90% of the positives have no symptoms and a cheap, 99% cure(s) exists for serious symptoms mistakenly called‘covid’] so governments lock down, isolate, and mask everyone to bury businesses, livelihoods, and lives.

This column started out as a letter to my state senator, just to convince him that general public wearing of masks is both harmful and useless. But it’s become much more than that: now the landing page for a url forward of… covering both the uselessness AND harm of the public donning of symbols of slavery and submission. Further, is a sister page to my more recent, where I provide a foundation to my imminent booklet, The Thinking Individual’s Guide to ‘covid’. This ‘covid’ masks-harm page has two sections: 1) Masks and 2) Other.


Practical Issue #1: Masks Do No Good against Viruses

The above right image shows a manufacturer’s warning on the ineffectiveness of their ear-loop masks against any virus, ‘covid’ included. Since these ear loop masks are the masks that several jurisdictions are making mandatory, simple logic tells the most simple of simpletons that your ear loop mask is NFG, no ‘covid’ prevention need whatsoever. Case closed and #masknot. If you want the science…

The most recent RCT (randomized control test) study was performed in May 2020 for CDC and the WHO (World Health Org). This study
was reported by Ben Swann on the heels of another study he cited, which was fact -checked away by YouTube, that said the same thing: namely, that all the RCT studies are coming back that public masking has no effect on virus infection. I’d like to spell out the three conclusions explicitly, which I transcribed from the podcast:

Nonpharmaceutical Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Nonhealthcare Settings–and Environmental Measures
Jimgy Xiao et al, University of Hong Kong May 2020

Study was conducted in preparation for the development of guidelines by the World Health Organization on the use of nonpharmaceutical interventions for influenza pandemics in nonmedical settings. [10 randomized control tests.]

1) We did not find evidence that the surgical type face masks are effective in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza transmission, either when worn by infected persons (source control) or by persons in the general community to reduce their susceptibility. However, as with hand hygiene, face masks might be able to reduce the transmission of other infections and therefore have value in an influenza pandemic when healthcare resources are stretched.

2) Disposable medical masks (also known as surgical masks) are loose-fitting devices that were designed to be worn by medical personnel to protect accidental contamination of patient wounds, and to protect the wearer against splashes or sprays of bodily fluids. There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found no significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.

3) In lower income settings it is more likely that reusable cloth masks will be used rather than disposable medical masks because of cost and availability. There are still a few uncertainties in the practice of face mask use, such as who should wear the mask and how long it should be used for. In theory, transmission should be reduced the most if both infected members and other contacts wear masks, but compliance in uninfected close contacts could be a problem. Proper use of face masks is essential because improper use might increase the risk for transmission. Thus, education on the proper use and disposal of used face masks, including hand hygiene, is also needed.

Further, the 3d finding above shows that using a cloth mask is worse for a wearer than wearing a disposable mask for a number of reasons. The second of the three findings disposes of the argument that doctors wear surgical masks for purposes of discouraging virus transmission. Similar findings have been reported by many others, most notably Canadian scholar and researcher Denis Rancourt:

Practical Issue #2: Masks cause Harm to Wearer and Spread Disease

The fact that masks pose serious risks to their wearers was first made clear to me by neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock’s short article here: Significantly, masks:

  • lower oxygen and raise CO2 in the lungs
  • seriously impair; respirator (N95) masks can reduce O2 by 20%
  • must NOT be worn by children, lung-diseased, frail individuals
  • retain and increase viral load incl. ‘covid’ in nasal passages
  • impart fiberglass particles and unknown chemicals to the body
  • are flammable, and can cause serious facial burns if ignited
  • trap to face and lungs contaminants and dirt from the environment

A number of demonstrations using CO2 and O2 meters have been performed on live subjects on the Web. Government media-social media, e.g. mainstream nooz, Google/YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, has spiked such demos; Googlement -YouTube removed the entire Del Bigtree YouTube channel (including the short video where Del is testing his son on what a mask does to CO2 levels [>10,000 ppm vs. OSHA limit of 5,000 ppm]!

Leaving the technical question for the reasonable adult, why in heck would you even consider putting on one of these sheep muzzles EVEN IF IT DID WORK… AT ALL?!!! The fact is they’re no better than #masknot at preventing viruses, even if ‘covid’ were in fact caused by a virus— shows you no one has identified a causal virus. [covidfacts also say 90-95% of those who have tested positive on the random-number-generating PCR test have no or mild symptoms; hydroxychloroquine-zinc cures 99% of those with severe symptoms.]

Add to the risk of harm the psychological and spiritual aggression masks imply, most rational human beings do not choose to wear face diapers.Criminals and hold up artists, on the other hand, like nothing better than to conceal their identity. The average fellow, however, prefers to breathe free and live free.

Practical Issue #3: My Governor or other PUblic Official Says I Have to Mask Up

You’re in a store now and the governor of your state has gone off the rails of legal authority and issued an edict mandating mask wearing. The proprietor or manager tells you it’s against the law to let you in the store without a ‘face covering.’ NO… IT… IS… NOT. No chief executive of any state of the union can “make law.”

That function belongs to the legislature exclusively and may not be abdicated… per every state constitution in the United States. [I want to take a moment to commend Mr. Pete Hendrickson for drawing everyone’s attention to this fundamental principle and, further, his work in providing the applicable constitutional provisions for several states. Michigan makes a good example thanks to Dictator-Gov Whitmer:

Pete further maintains one of the more comprehensive pages on the Web wrt the ‘covid’ phenomenon—The Hysteria Supplment—with insights particularly into how it has Humpty Dumptied our real economic lives:

But to the issue at hand. No, the unconstitutional edicts issued by any state official are null and void, as having never occurred. Which is certainly true. But our store proprietor has already drunk the Koolaid and won’t budge.

… Work in progress.


Letter to the State Senator

Novi, MI 48375
25 May 2020

Senator Jim Runestad
201 Townsend Street
Suite #7500
Lansing, MI 48933

Subject: Masks pose serious risks, please make official announcement!

Dear Senator Runestad:

World-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock recently explains why “Face Masks Pose Serious Risks…” at

  • lower oxygen and raise CO2 in the lungs
  • seriously impair; respirator (N95) masks can reduce O2 by 20%
  • must NOT be worn by children, lung-diseased, frail individuals
  • retain and increase viral load incl. ‘covid’ in nasal passages
  • impart fiberglass particles and unknown chemicals to the body
  • are flammable, and can cause serious facial burns if ignited
  • trap to face and lungs contaminants and dirt from the environment

Please take a look at the manufacturer’s disclaimer about ear loop masks:

[Image above right.]

IOW, the standard masks cropping up on misinformed people everywhere “WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY PROTECTION AGAINST COVID-19.” For a more thorough demolition of the mask craze, please watch this 4-minute video from Del Bigtree: [Spiked by YouTube.]

The video is significant in that major public health figures from WHO, NIH, including Anthony Fauci, are on the record stating that mass-masking is “political theater, not a scientifically sound public health practice.”

Further, antisocial distancing weakens immune systems and must end in parallel with the unmasking:
Shutdown in general must end immediately without restrictions,
AND practical science supported by 600 doctors and scholars. Ref.

Senator, please exercise due diligence and put out the word to our public health officials and lawmakers that they need to issue a news release or advisory on these facts, e.g.



(Your) Master Brian
PS: Instructions for making a #MaskNot name badge and handout:

W.H.O. Says #Masknot

Medical Malpractice/Homicide En Masse

We also now know that hospitals are denying known proven treatments to patients exhibiting ‘covid’ symptoms, e.g. hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) w/zinc, and instead subjecting these patients to known-to-be-90%-fatal aggressive artificial ventilation machines that explode the patients’ lungs. Insider whistleblowers in New York City, from a Tweet I posted a few weeks ago:

Three Revealing Articles about the ‘Covid’ Op You Won’t Read from Mainstream

Human Costs of ‘Covid’ Shutdown

  • From Del Bigtree, HighWire excerpt, citing UN reports and mainstream sources:
  • From The Hill: The Covid-19 shutdown will cost Americans millions of years of life:
  • Several studies show that for every increase of 1% in American unemployment, 58,000 Americans will die as a result within a period of five years. [Unemployment is up roughly 10% since December 2019 => 580,000 Americans will die within five years. Round down to 500,000 due to unknown variables of how sustained an individual’s employment is.] Bottom line, the ‘Covid’ shutdown will kill half a million people. Compare that to the CDC official number, discounted by at least 90% for CDC inflation of deaths and refusal of proper treatment: US ‘Covid’ discounted deaths, to date: less than 12,300.
    Go to Dr. Toby Rogers on cost of quarantine.
    Also my Patreon article

Total Lack of Legal Authority for Emergency orders and Maskteria

Several sources for this information, but the best I’ve seen come from Pete Hendrickson who has built an entire compendium of knowledge dealing with the ‘covid’ op, what he refers to as The Hysteria Syndrome, here:
and Peggy Hall, a bright-burning energy ball from California, whose
site not only educates, particularly about masks, but leads a movement countrywide to stop the insanity. I list key pages I’ve found from both sources, thus far:

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) Overwhelming Proof of Validity

Obtain Accurate News

  • Find a valuable alternative to mainstream lies about ‘covid’ in Del Bigtree’s Highwire podcasts. I’ve assembled the most recent ones pertinent to the CovOp here:
  • Also, consult and subscribe to Jon Rappoport’s
  • Several other reliable sources of information on ‘covid’ or other subjects may be located by their references in the above two outlets.


Support Massive Mask Noncompliance (MMN) to Save the (Human) Species

I’ve become increasingly convinced that the shutdowns, masking, distancing, etc.—especially symbolized by the universal masking practice (leading to compulsory vaccine poisoning and compliance)—is nothing less than a mass ritual suicide (MRS) subliminal message, mainly via TV audiovisuals, in the overall global oligarchy program. Thus, we have an immediate need for mass disruption of that cultural message to self-destroy.

Along those lines, for the time being I’ve designed the following bumper sticker(s):

Please click on the image to buy this design, on which you can make your own changes. Or if you want to buy a slightly more dramatic version below, click on this image:


And please kick in a couple of shekels to support my efforts on this and to do more paraphernalia in the cause of the MMN (Massive Mask Noncompliance) movement. PLEASE DONATE VIA MY FLOW FELLOWSHIP FUNDRAZR BY CLICKING ON THE FLOW EMBLEM HERE:




If you are interested in getting the MMN Disruption in progress, please contact me via FreeManPubCo at protonmail dot com. Thanks.

New Breathe-Easy Healing Bikini Mask

Now a separate column,
and here to occupy a special place as an assembly diagram for constructing a cheap, disposable, effective (at least as effective as any of the ear loop or bandana masks—with zero of the significant dangers) face covering from ordinary household products, like what the US Surgeon General recently described. It not only has health-and-life-enhancing properties, it virtually distances you (providing at least as much protection as what studies show or don’t show for staying six feet apart).

Looking forward to a second-generation model, to incorporate additional health and protection by means of healing gems and stones. Units currently undergoing field tests in SE Michigan. Readers are encouraged to use the idea as open source to create and deploy one’s own breathe-easy healing bikini mask straightaway.

Note: this Breathe-Easy mask hasn’t worked out as I’d hoped. It was all right until the governor made her edict and the general public went along….

Odds and ends.

[Scientists have not purified or isolated an actual virus but label the strand of RNA they have found as the SARS CoV-2 ‘virus’ because of its 79% similarity to the SARS CoV-1 strand of RNA ‘virus.’ The tissue or biological origins of the CoV-2 RNA strand are unknown; the presence of an undetermined quantity of the CoV-2 RNA strand along with a small list of common symptoms—temperature, cough, radiographic qualities of the lungs, white blood cell count—can yield a positive diagnosis of a disease that medical authorities have called COVID-19. Or by CDC guidelines a doctor can simply “presume” a patient has “COVID-19” and write that down as a case… and off to the kill ventilators! The PCR tests and antibody tests are wholly arbitrary, signifying nothing.][1]

[1] PCR tests:
Antibody tests:

Brian’s Column: Whither ‘Zombie Nation’

What good is freedom if mainstream-minions fear their shadows and stay home?
By Brian R. Wright

[“By the way, consider this a phase III in my musings: I’ll keep them shorter and, I hope, less, well, the word “vituperative” comes to mind—I prefer “passion-ately immature.” Today I cringe at some of the verbal excess of earlier writings, way too far in my head and way weakminded for that. Hey, it was what it was. I can only do what I come to be aware of… to continue.”]

This thought came to me early in the week, after a Father’s Day with a new golf entourage Sunday Skins group. Then later in the previous week when my live fantasy football league and, then, members of a golf outing I’m organizing seemed to curb their enthusiasms for taking part. I’ve decided to do an actual dine-in with my favorite local independent business, Moe’s, who’s been hit hard by the ‘covid’ op:

Mrs. Moe (Debbie) had mentioned that six restaurants were closing their doors in Novi-Farmington on account of the CovOp. “Yup, last week we were allowed to open for dine in, and we went from 10% of our former business to 15%, that’s all.” Today we chat a bit longer, seems like a decent number of tables, maybe four or five, filled. Debbie says she and Moe agree with me 1000%, but it’s the public image they need to adopt.

Suddenly it hits me. Hand slaps forehead. Knowing what I know of the mainstream lies regarding ‘covid’ and ‘GFloyd’ and the rest, and traveling in the fact-based alternative circles I do, it’s simply not occurred to me that LARGE NUMBERS OF THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVE THE COMPLETE, UNMITIGATED BULLSHIT PUT OUT BY GOVERNMENT AND ITS MAINSTREAM MEDIA… Even after months of officially obvious ‘covid’ whoppers to the casual observer. This goes for probably half… of Moe’s customer base, my fantasy football colleagues, and golf-outing gatherers, too. Continue reading

Guest Column: Roark’s Courtroom Speech

Unforgettable and Timely
From The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

No wish to violate anyone’s IP, though the book was published in 1943 and the movie in 1949, same year I was born! [I read the book in the summer between my junior and senior years in high school… when my family had moved from Oklahoma City to Overland Park, Kansas, where I was enrolled at prestigious middle class WASPish Shawnee Mission West. The experience was cathartic and transforming, at least in terms of my view of the world, and fuel for my nascent idealism.]

Hence, I’ll simply enter the IMDb quote verbiage for this page:

I have recomposed it into a pdf for better readability here:

Note: Can’t say I’ve fairly attributed the artist rendering. Or attributed it at all, really. Just tried to locate it on the Web and could not. Don’t remember where I found it. But it’s excellent and I do hope the artist will forgive me under the umbrella of ‘fair and considerate use.’ Contact me via comment, and I’ll remove it or at least give you the creatorship nod.

Why Roark’s Speech Today?

At the risk of stating the obvious, we the American people are being subjected to a torrent of lies and false flag operations by government, government media, and simulacra of government(s) . Why? To manufacture consent. As the father of modern mind control and propaganda, Edward Bernays, put it:

“The conscious intelligent manipulation of the organized opinions and habits of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who run this unseen mechanism constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. Continue reading