Brian’s Column: After [Name the Deception] Truth

When the second ‘Little Boy’ exclaims the emperor wears no clothes…

GandhiDoing some general seminar training and learning lately in connection with my upcoming Good Neighbor Libertarian book and project. Yes, the event was sponsored by the eternally hopeful Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM) and featured three speakers besides myself: Dan Johnson of People against the NDAA (Panda), Dave Dudenhofer of Michigan Campaign for Liberty, and a Mr. Jeff Phillips school board member from a district in the Michigan ‘Thumb’ area. My presentation was about the importance for libertarians to embrace the Gandhian Global Truth Force (Satyagraha) in our fight against all the deceptions and related assaults of the global government mafia.

I’ve long held that the dawning of 9/11 Truth—in the form of an overwhelming consensus that the US government (USG) and insiders were complicit and culpable in the attacks—would be the linchpin in bringing down the whole house of cards constructed by that mafia. Although a number of other deceptions showing the cancerous corruption of the Cartel-controlled USG and media are candidates to put a stake through the heart of the monster, I still believe that 9/11 is the One. Especially considering the fine work Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is doing. Like this digital billboard in Times Square.

9/11 Truth is going mainstream. So are many other corporate-military-government crimes. What happens when figuratively speaking the second ‘Little Boy,’ as in Andersen’s fable, The Emperor’s New Clothes, agrees with the first little boy? All of Europe knows the USG official conspiracy theory is hokum, they think Americans who cling to the fairy tale are like Jim Carrey’s character in The Truman Show and are amazed that we don’t realize that it’s all make believe.

Then you have the print media. I’ve covered several books on my site that expose the 9/11 false-flag state-terror act. One of my favorites is Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad from 2007. Barrett rocks. Listen to these words:

“If the German people had figured out that Hitler was behind the Reichstag Fire, they might have risen up in rebellion—even though nobody died in that blaze.  If the American people understood that top officials in their own government had orchestrated the destruction of the World Trade Center and the murder of thousands of Americans in pursuit of a criminal agenda, they would certainly rise up in rebellion, and turn their nation’s policies 180 degrees away from that criminal agenda.  They would cut the military budget to a tiny fraction of what it had been before the 9/11 Reichstag Fire.  They would withdraw not just from the imperial wars 9/11 had incited, but from empire itself, reclaiming the great American anti-imperialist tradition of 1776.  They would arrest the super-rich criminals who were complicit in 9/11, and institute the mother of all trust-busting eras to shatter the monopolies, especially the media monopolies, into thousands of tiny, locally controlled pieces and redistribute the criminals’ wealth to the people.  They would put their money into roads, schools, housing, and other life-supporting activities, instead of death-dealing ones.  They would concentrate their energies on developing technologies to cope with the coming economic-energy-environmental crisis, and build railroads and alternative power stations rather than new kinds of bunker busting nuclear weapons.  They would embrace international cooperation and demilitarize first outer space, and then, gradually, the planet itself, leaving locally based militias, and maybe a couple of nuclear subs per nation for insurance against invasion, as the only form of military power.  And they would reclaim their freedom of speech and expression and dismantle the police state that has been riding America’s back like an evil spirit since the National Security State replaced constitutional democracy back in 1947.” — Page 23.

AnatomyNow that’s what I’m talking about! Hard to see such progress toward the New Paradigm for just any old truth. But 9/11, sure. Because at the foundation the 9/11 Big Lie is the whole enchilada of what’s been wrong with this country since they killed Kennedy—the national security state running amok.

So remember, all of us who toil the fields of peace and liberty, working for the better day. We may just wake up one morning to find—I believe it will be before the 2016 elections—that some highly placed insider spills his guts and a true people’s federal grand jury forms to investigate and bring indictments. It will happen in the wink of an eye. If we do start putting the majority of the high echelon behind bars for 9/11 and their other heinous crimes, the rest of the pathocracy unravels very quickly without a lot of effort. And think about it, these pompous mob chieftains will be squealing like babies to make pleas and turn in their friends. It’s the end of the Neocon psychopaths and the whole Zionist Israeli-inspired Fourth Reich.

Also, no more TSA, DHS, Patriot Act, Guantanamo, NSA, CIA, right down the line.

End of the Death Star, overnight. All for the simple truth. 🙂

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