A Convenient Truth: Cracking the Code

After the unconscionable attack on Doreen, now more than ever…

CtCJust as a preliminary announcement, the author of the liberating, watershed book—that removes forever the burden of federal ‘income’ taxes on all Americans’ direct earnings—has suffered one of the most horrific attacks by a pack of renegade, law-debasing hoodlums in the so-called federal justice system: they pounced upon his dear wife, Doreen, for refusing to commit perjury on federal judge Nancy Edmunds’ unlawful order. It took two sham trials (a hung jury in the first one) for judge Victoria Roberts and her DOJ prosecution tag-team to mis- instruct and browbeat a cowed jury into a wholly ambiguous conviction in August last year. Then on Thursday, April 9, this week, Roberts sentenced Doreen to 18 months in federal prison. Doreen has 60 days to self-surrender, but only 30 days in the event she continues to refuse the unlawful judicial order to falsify her sworn tax statements.

Of course, Doreen is reeling. But the target is unmistakable: Doreen’s husband Pete, author of Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America (2003)… and the evergrowing—now crossing the 100,000 threshold—of ‘educated filers’ who have now received upward of $2.3 billion returned to them in incorrectly assessed ‘income’ taxes and derivatives. Ref.: http://www.losthorizons.com/BulletinBoard.htm. This recompense is a huge blow to the federal  Mobocracy, not so much financially… yet. But certainly morally and legally. Because thanks to CtC, the people aren’t going back to Kansas anymore. They know beyond any doubt that the income tax is—and always has been—an excise on gains from the exercise of federal privilege. That is, the income tax does not apply to the direct earnings of most Americans.

Unlike any real mob who often has a sense of honor when dealing with competition or perceived threats to power, the federal monster attacks a man’s family. This is the only reason for the attack on Doreen: to intimidate Pete and his followers by showing that this mob has no hesitation in going after innocent women and children.  But this mob will not have its way.  Plans are afoot to pressure state and local public officials, specifically the attorney general of Michigan, to interpose on behalf of Doreen’s Constitutional liberty. Stay tuned.

be encouraged…. Time to Act!

I attended the trial and can tell you, assuredly, the government is truly out of its mind in horror that the truth of CtC is catching on… so much so that the prosecution/judge anxiously cited/referred to the growth statistics above. The only fly in our ointment—and it’s a worrisome fly—is that we who know the truth do not share it forward, widely, in social media, with public officials, with educators, school children, concerned parents and patriots across the land. NOW IS THE TIME! We are in Liberty or Death mode: we must stand up, man up, woman up, ‘Dorothy up’ to the Wizard, or we shall all be put to the rack one-by-one in the otherwise unstoppable global imperial Gulag.

Indeed, I had strong, though respectful, words toward a gentleman who is part of a mailing list Pete Hendrickson assembled as a brainstorming tool to help create and enable the aforementioned public pressure for interposition. This man was focusing on the apparent prosecution/judicial implied threats that an Internet petition bearing 1600 names would somehow be used as a ‘prosecution by association’ list; further this man showed no signs of having read, or understood, the principles and tools of Cracking the Code. I know the following words came off harsh, but they had to be said [my reply to all via ‘Joe’]:

Respectfully, [regarding taking counsel of your fears], nothing you’re responding to connects with the reality we’re dealing with. It doesn’t appear you’ve read Cracking the Code or that you have any understanding of its legal invincibility. Doreen is a special attack case outside the tax legality entirely. The judges and prosecutors are so desperate in their awareness of the liberating legal foundation that Pete (and Doreen) present that they’re grasping at straws and brazenly defiling the 1st and 5th Amendments to secure a coward’s solution that won’t stand the light of day. It won’t even meet their own appeals and Supreme courts’ rulings on government coerced expression.

Plus you seem to be counseling that those of us who know and assert the truth of the tax cower in our basements, even dissemble, to avoid the Big Bad Wolf of the criminal justice system. That’s the last thing that will work. First, we’re not there yet: the justice system is like any other federal bureaucracy, and it ain’t (yet, anyway) some military special ops force out to squash the disobedient—it functions like a house of mirrors where one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing, and the only time anything moves is in the stultifying confines of its Byzantine rules [or because someone at the top is terrified of something].

Second, Doreen’s conviction and sentencing give us a special ‘Liberty or Death’ moment, where we can ‘man up’ and make it clear we’re not going away and we’re opting out of tyranny—regardless of what a bunch of shrill, feeble old Wizard of Ozzes and Ozzettes threaten. Now is the time. And now especially Cracking the Code is truly the best vehicle for pursuing liberty on all fronts. CtC gives us all the tools an average American needs to unravel the state imminently, to reset and recover our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. It penetrates the mind control and the ‘fear factor’ that the blithely unaware perpetuate by accepting the ‘official position of the government’… which holds no water whatsoever ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN RULES. Sorry to shout….

So that’s the deal.

Not the end, the beginning…

screenprint… of the second and culminating American War for Independence. Moreover, it appears, so long as we all stand up and hang together, that it will remain a war of consciousness, an infowar. Point of fact, a new column by Shane Trejo is in the works to go along with his Pontiac Tribune articles leading up to the sentencing. We’re putting together a media package, a video, that’s targeted specifically to Alex Jones and the alternative audience in general. I made the point that we are at the beginning of the Second American War for Independence in my book on Doreen’s ‘trial’ in August 2014, The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s)—to be updated with the sentencing and its followup by the liberty community, and then the appeal to the federal circuit court coming within weeks.

So, everyone who cares for Doreen, and for Pete, and for the rule of law, and for our country, take heart. We still have the appeal, we have several prudential, effective proposals for civil pressure to be brought… encouraging state officials to interpose on Doreen’s behalf against federal officials carrying out the slaver dictates of a lawless federal court that openly and self-righteously flouts the Bill of Rights. This outrage against a law-abiding, peaceful American going about her business WILL… NOT… STAND!

Final Note

As important, the ideas of Cracking the Code, with your help, will soon achieve critical mass, blowing the fresh breeze of liberty across the land, displacing the putrid miasma of old-time tyranny. A few years ago, I had the same misunderstanding as 99% of Americans: that we were stuck with the federal income tax on normal earnings thanks to the 16th Amendment. After reading Pete’s truly astonishing discovery—as brilliantly penned as anything from Adam Smith and the Founders, and in the same eternal flame-of-liberty vein—I learned the solid truth of things. Let’s all step forward, spread the word, read the book, and reclaim our inheritance. Freedom from the federal rampage of a viciously misapplied tax is the Convenient Truth That Will Save Our Collective Asses.

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