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Walking_off_Stage_2[Editor’s note: This column is an excerpt from the Tin Man’s Heart chapter of my novel in  progress, The Truman Prophecy. The corresponding location in the book will likely see several changes before publication.]

Patrecia Bartlett turned off her TV in disgust. Mid-October 2015, the 2016 presidential candidates snorted and pawed in the early public forums leading into Primary Season. What earned her revulsion was the latest ‘debate’ among the Republican lot.

She seldom watched mainstream TV anymore, but succumbed today in a moment of weakness. Maybe this one time—with alleged libertarians Rand Paul and Ben Carson or apparent anti-MSM, Jack-in-the-Box billionaire Donald in the mix—a genuine ray of hope-laden light would slip out between the gears of the fog machine.

Not gon’ happen.

First, what does the MSM care about light (or liberty):

Not one question about blanket surveillance of everyone… or of the litany of police-state and military horrors inflicted worldwide via the US government at behest of the (Old) New World Order.

New World Order? That was Bush the First, anyway.
No questions on any high-crime of the Threat Matrix:

  1. The Fed, total Cartel control of money and credit.
  2. Income tax lies and official subterfuge/corruption.
  3. False-flag acts of state terror, e.g. 9/11, staged kills.
  4. Enforcers running amok, torture, war crimes.
  5. Ongoing atmospheric aerosol poison dumps.
  6. Ongoing Agenda 21 spy&fry utility meters.
  7. Gulag Med: Obamacare, forced druggings.
  8. Ravages of Frankenfoods, Inc. (GMOs).
  9. Collectivist schooling (e.g. Common Core).
  10. Agricultural hemp prohibition, suppressed tech.

Second, what does any candidate care about liberty?
I mean, really?

Dr. Paul once showed slim hope with his filibuster on drones and comments against NSA blanket surveillance. But he turns around and does nothing to publicly counter vaccination zealots running amok—though both MDs did at least question giving so many vaccines in so short a time to infants (after Donald Trump steadfastly raised the issue)… Carson has no problem with state-mandated vaccines.. Paul feebly opposes them—or challenge GMO foods, or the Israel Lobby’s domination of US foreign policy… and seems to want to make funding of Planned Parenthood the core issue of his campaign.

Same with Dr. Carson.

Trump, despite his flamboyant non-PC behavior, is reminiscent of Benito Mussolini. He doesn’t know the Freedom Philosophy—that Ron Paul raised in 2008 and 2012—from Mother Goose. [And he has a very thin grasp of Mother Goose.]

091005_SNaP_PopsicleSpeaking of Ron Paul and the Freedom Philosophy now, Patty remembers hearing the good doctor address a cheering student crowd of several thousand at Michigan State during the 2012 primary. The only high-crime assault of the NWO that Dr. Ron identified is number 1 on the above list: the Fed.

The best the Republican Party could do then—in the person of this quixotic, rambling liberty candidate—was to identify one high-crime assault. Yet, Ron Paul never identified the Fed as a criminal conspiracy of evil, thieving, murderous men, rather as an innocent error of knowledge, for want of the ruling class learning the wondrous benefits of the Freedom Philosophy.

But, hey, it’s something.
The Sacred Nonaggression Principle is something.
Something, per Oracle Jones and the Prophet.
Now, today, with Son of Ron, we don’t even have that.

Mathis1For Rand and the Clueless Remainder of 2016 Major-Party presidential candidates the Threat Matrix is an illusion, the New World Order is an illusion, the ruling class Men of the Power Sickness are illusions. Nothing to see here. Nothing to talk about there. [Elections are merely show-business contrived candidates vying for control over some minor operation of the global Death Star; nothing that remotely questions or threatens full-spectrum dominance by the Empire ever surfaces. It’s all just a puppet show to keep the plugins plugged in.]

Nor does Rand want to bring up the Fed or, more pertinent, the insidious banking cartel that runs our economy and aims to own us all… down to that quivering two-way microchip up the ol’ wazoo. Thus, seeing grounds for a slave revolt, Patty appreciates the constructive vision of one artist/scientist/social critic Miles Mathis articulated in his Update of May 1, 2011 (

“Get ready for a national strike. A lot of this stuff won’t end until we end it. The system is fatally corrupt and is going to have to be shut down and restarted, just like your computer when it freezes.

“The Federal Reserve is going to have to be ended and the banks are going to have to be heavily regulated. Same for Wall Street. They have you afraid of a market crash, but that is what we need. The thing is, we need to be in charge of the crash, not the bankers. If they are in charge of it, they take our money. If we are in charge of it, we take their money (or we take our money back from them).

“They have you believing that all this debt is real, even though it has been proven to be manufactured. That is, they have you believing that poor people still owe more money to rich people! They have you believing that taxpayers need to pay off all this debt, but taxpayers are poor and those who loaned the money (or stole it) are rich. How does that make sense?

“No, the debt should actually be reversed. These banks and corporations and other institutions should be gutted, their assets seized along with the assets of the billionaires, their hidden assets found, and all this money should be returned, as theft and graft. If China needs to be paid back, let Goldman Sachs pay them back. Goldman Sachs has more assets than most countries, assets which they stole.

Mathis3“They have you thinking that this would be bad, since they have convinced you that these big corporations actually do something that needs to be done. They don’t. These banks and financial institutions and insurance companies and investment companies and other Wall Street entities don’t actually provide any services or products. They exist solely to siphon off money.

“The best thing we could do is shut them all down. We then won’t have less money in the real markets, we will have more, since we won’t have lost all the money they are currently stealing….”

Whoa! That’s a’ one spicy meatball!
The can-do, gitgo spirit that made America great!
Definitely NOT ready for primetime presidential forums.

So what was the straw that had Patrecia reaching for the remote?

It was Governor Christie calling for taking DNA samples from anyone arrested for a felony offense… and supporting expanded civil asset forfeiture by police… where ‘at calm and deliberate officer discretion’ they can simply come into your home, haul off your HDTV, jewelry, gold, silver, cash, computers, and your girlfriend.

Bad enough. But then from NO ONE—the media, the candidates, or the audience—was heard a single discouraging word… a few comments on being tough on crime…then break for commercial. Yikes! That’s the pathetic illusion of the whole lot of ’em, the whole lot of pathetic, sick bastards who strut for attention upon the national stage. Zap!

National strike? National strike!
An effective boycott of the whole rotted system.
Now that’s real news.

Patty B was understanding at a gut level the Big Picture, groking her key role in the fulfillment of the Truman Prophecy. It lay in the second phase:

  • Phase 1: Jury Power
  • Phase 2: Snowden-Manning
  • Phase 3: Declarations of Independents

Only the phases overlapped one another in time.

The essence of Snowden-Manning?

… a symbolic assertion of consensus by millions of Americans on how their country can be fixed… especially in light of the federal government’s attacks on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Army Wikileaker Bradley/Chelsea Manning. The summary 10-points of the Snowden-Manning phase from the Prophecy proper:

  1. Expose federal crimes
  2. Indict federal criminals
  3. Restore the innocent
  4. Hard stop Big Brother
  5. Shut down the Empire
  6. Enforce the Constitution
  7. End high-crime assaults
  8. Defund tyranny
  9. Revive honest living
  10. Apply First Principles

Many of the same points were being addressed in the grand jury restoration phase, bringing health to the justice system overall. On the superficial level, which is to generate massive favorable popular sentiment, Snowden-Manning was set up to look like a presidential race.


Bumper sticker sales via the ( official site were picking up. In fact, that was the Prophet’s initial concept of SM16: to make a simple visible moral statement rejecting the US Death Star political system. What’s better than a culture-changing phrase or bumper sticker that catches on?

[Note: You may help to provide crowdfunding for the Snowden-Manning effort by means of this gofundme page: Thank you.]

Most people first coming to the site expected to see a full-blown write-in presidential campaign in progress. Alas, while site organizers would not discourage anyone from writing in Ed Snowden and Chelsea Manning for Prez and Veep, they decided early on that S-M would be a political program rather than a political election campaign.

The foundation of that program lay in the personal qualities represented by the two named individuals, themselves. Both risked their lives—and have suffered dearly—to expose US federal atrocities against the Constitution and against humanity.

The people raising the Snowden-Manning banner are taking a stand for justice or, more accurately, against federal INjustice and all the accouterments of false moral legitimacy that make the horrific evils of this particular rogue state possible as of this five minutes. We are unfurling that banner in the face of the Power, saying:

  • “A pox on all your houses. We are no longer with you.”
  • “We deconsent. Let go. Leave. Door no hit our asses.”

Little_ShopThat concrete display of withdrawing consent, withholding moral sanction, strikes fear deep into the center of the Men of the Power Sickness. Qua parasitic organism, they know that consent and sanction ‘feed the weed.’

And the political machinery they guide (via the deep state) will do anything to thwart people discovering their power, becoming Independents (“Indies,” “I’s”)—as God and Nature intended—, riding on and leaving the so many Barnacles on the Ass of Progress behind them.

Monitoring the growing support for S-M nationwide and even worldwide—why should the US be sole source of Indies in Bloom—and noting that virtually everyone coming on board was seeing the Big Picture (of leveraging S-M into a cosmic assertion of conceptual individual humanity stepping up to the Sacred Nonaggression Principle), Patrecia knew that Surveillance would be picking up on the phenomenon.

She put in an encrypted text to the Prophet:

“Ping. ‘Sup? Thinking S-M drawing DHS et al attn. Meet, Berkley site to discuss? Next few days, pls advise.”
“Pong, good. Thurs 1400 okay?”

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