Guest Column: Important Petition on Common Core

Please sign this petition to support two repeal bills
by Shane Trejo


The fight against Common Core continues. Right now, we are building pressure for the two bills to repeal Common Core that are currently active in Lansing. They are Senate Bill 826 and House Bill 5444.

We have to make sure that our public officials know that they must stop Common Core and replace it with a proven, student-centered alternative. That is exactly what these bills would accomplish!

The team at Stop Common Core in Michigan have started an important petition which can be accessed here:
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Brian’s Column: The Grand Shi of Nakagiri

Michigan Republican State Convention site of next big move on the weiqe board

Coming up slightly short in the vote count, but way ahead in the enthusiasm race, liberty Republican candidate for lieutenant governor in the Wolverine State, Wes Nakagiri, had the establishment forces all a-frazzled, wondering whether somebody forgot to grease the skids on the Juggernaut of State.

In the 2012 primary race, an excellent Forbes article described how Ron Paul was thinking in the long range strategy of shi (pronounced sure) as opposed to his opponents’ shorter-range power-politics plan of attack, called li in Chinese. In the long run, shi, in service of the ‘Freedom Philosophy‘—especially when accompanied by the Gandhian global truth force, Satyagraha—is the superior philosophy. Shi, like water, always wins. It’s just a matter of time. Do we have the time?

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