Brian’s Column: Trumanists of the World Unite!

Trumanism: A political philosophy whose time has come

trumanism_brochure_imageWhat follows is my summary of the phiIosophy recently assembled into a three-fold brochure. You may download the pdf from the image at right, and use all of the active hyperlinks from that document. This column will expand on some areas that brochure space would not allow.

Note: Trumanism is explained more fully and a pathway for “Independents Rising” has been set up on the Website

To paraphrase Ayn Rand, “The world is perishing from an orgy of mind control and blind collective acquiescence to corrupt authority.”[1] Regular people who adhere to the nonaggression principle in their day-to-day lives are being ground down financially, and in their physical health.

Trumanism is a social-activist philosophy stemming from Brian Wright’s novel, The Truman Prophecy.

Toto, Dorothy, and Truman

Truman_Front_NewThree metaphors are key to the novel and to the philosophy, where ‘we the people:’

  • Wake: Expose official lies leading to  ‘high-crime’ assaults on the people
  • Stand: Bring justice via people’s grand juries against such lie-crimes
  • Walk: (Each) declare our Independent Being psychologically and politically

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Brian’s Column: Update on The Truman Prophecy (2016)

‘Trumanism’ über alles?

Truman_Front_NewIt’s been a few months now since the publication of The Truman Prophecy, my novel envisioning three stages of human evolution for reaching a benevolent New Paradigm (Billion+ Points of Light) society of peace, freedom, and abundance for individuals, planetwide:

  1. Toto (Truth) Phase—integrated truth salients vs. high-crime assaults of the Men of the Power Sickness… exposing lies at root of the assaults.
  2. Dorothy (Justice) Phase—1) recovering American First Principles’ grand juries to end government criminality/corruption, 2) political program of
  3. Truman (Liberty) Phase—individual self-realization and formal declaration as beings of independent consciousness (Indiecons),[1] replacing rogue coercive government with a First Principles'[2] freedom-of-choice system.

In reality, the three phases proceed together synergistically. They form the socio-spiritual philosophy/movement of Trumanism. Which is a whole new way of looking at our world as human consciousness evolves… once and for all as deeply independent and conceptual. Another series of terms conveying the earthy human essence of the belief system—i.e. corresponding to truth, justice, and liberty—is:

  • Carrey1Wake: to see and assert the truth
  • Stand: for justice based on the truth
  • Walk: declare and live as an Independent

Each of the steps is vital, and each takes intellectual and moral courage. The singular image and icon defining this movement is the final scene in the movie, The Truman Show (1998), when the protagonist Truman Burbank declares himself as a human being of independent conceptual consciousness who will no longer accept his gilded confinement—physical or psychological. He wakes up and walks out… into the fresh air of liberty.

And so shall we.

This column means to give a preliminary status report. Mainly regarding the book (inasmuch as the idea of Trumanism as a philosophy is of quite recent vintage).  Here’s what I can tell you: Continue reading