Brian’s Column: The Howell Statement (2014)

Sandbox Exit-Plan Strategy for the Libertarian Party, by Brian Wright

IMG_20140518_123758 (3)… in an Era of Wanton US Federal Crimes and Terror. A proposed new strategy for the LP and LP of Michigan, at the latter’s state convention in Howell, Michigan, May 17, 2014. Chief contribution from that convention a resolution on grand juries as follows:

The LPM supports the reinvigoration and reassertion of the people’s ultimate authority—at local, state, and federal levels—to investigate and bring indictments of government corruption and crimes through statutory empanelment of grand juries. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Rethinking Libertarian Party Strategy:2

LP_RocketFrom Part 1, I hope that I effectively made several points that warrant an effective grand strategy for Libertarians and libertarians. Before I summarize these points, let me first stipulate the larger community that the strategy is intended to serve:

World Citizenship Alliance

The community of service is composed of you or I or any of a vast number of what I’ll call free men.[1] I mean free in the Jeffersonian or Lockeian sense of persons living—achieving their material, real existence—in a natural condition of purely voluntary relationships with others, free to choose what to do with their lives without the initiation of force (aggression) by any of the others, and asserting this condition as fundamentally right. In other words asserting what historically is called the Rights of Man. Continue reading

Guest Column: Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, forged in secrecy by globalist-corporate insiders, must be stopped, By Green Shadow Cabinet, June 17, 2013

Nix TPPNote: I’m featuring this commentary by the Green Party ‘Shadow Cabinet’ on the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘Agreement’—which I had actually never even heard about— for a couple of reasons: 1) with one or two exceptions, the Green positions on TPP are identical with any libertarian or small-government capitalist argument, and 2) I wanted to show to my Libertarian Party contingent the opportunities afforded to us by forming a ‘shadow’ or alternative government… to show the world how we would do things much better. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Next Step for the LP? (Part 2)

Leveraging the LP to create a majority party
by Brian Wright

MajorityPartyIn Part 1 of this piece suggesting a new direction for Libertarians,
I made my case based on the following chain of observations and premises:

  1. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the 2012 Libertarian Party (LP) presidential candidate Gary Johnson and the Green—practically and essentially a ‘peace’ party—presidential candidate Jill Stein… when it comes to peace and civil liberties. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Next Step for the Libertarian Party? (Part 1)

Part 1 of 2: Time for a ‘paradigm shift’ in grand strategy?
by Brian Wright (Part 2 here)

Johnson_SteinOn the night before the recent election, I’m watching the alternative debates on The site streams the verbal contest between presidential candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein of the Green Party, only it isn’t much of a contest. The topic is foreign policy, focusing primarily on peace and civil liberties, their positions virtually identical: yes and yes. [Dr. Stein, IMHO, has the greater civil libertarian street credit, having been arrested and held for a day by police for taking part in an Occupy Wall Street protest.] Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Libertarian Children’s Story

Sample offshoots of a Republican children’s tale

The other day when I received the public-domain story with the punchline “Welcome to the Republican Party,” I simply couldn’t leave it alone. We all know about big-government “Republicans in Name Only” (RINOs), and it isn’t the least bit funny how they posture as advocates of liberty. Then you have the Dems, who have given up posturing as anything except Stalinistas. The only snappy (and truth-based) repartee I can find comes from the libertarian neck of the woods. — bw Continue reading

Guest Column: Politics as Sport

What if we handled political action like sports?
by Will White

Sports as PoliticsWould politics be more popular if it were treated as a sport? The answer is probably yes, considering media coverage and public demand. Michigan’s Speaker of the House, Jase Bolger admits to “being drawn in to political gamesmanship” after he was caught trying to game the electoral system. Sports and politics compete for headlines, but sports has its own section of the paper, TV sports anchors, and even its own networks.

Consider for a moment though if sports teams were covered like political parties. The only NFL teams Continue reading