Brian’s Column: The Blue Pillar Syndrome (Part 1)

Homing in on the pervasive core mind-control program for human subjugation…
with reasonable expectation of that program’s imminent excision

I am extremely thrilled about my column today! Why? Because it deals with perhaps the most potent independent-human, health-bringing discovery since the advent of natural, individual rights. I’m talking about noodling out just how the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) have managed to turn vast numbers of human beings (including most dear ones we know) into willing ciphers serving the MOPS’ antihuman agendae.

Indeed, our high-minded, good-hearted friends who prefer the Matrix‘s Blue Pill (the Blue Pillars) are all that stand in the way of humanity’s near-term ‘Red Pill’ liberation

T_B_Emblem_3What I have been trying to do with this column—and, believe me, I’ve gone back and forth dozens of times, simply coming up with the exact right title… that is, a name for the critical barrier affliction of our peers we Indiecons[1] (We) face—is name and describe what We are up against in order to adroitly excise it from human society.

I’ve done sooo much thinking about The Big Why: What it is that causes vast numbers of our respected peers to accept and push the official stories of so many high-crime assaults of the Global Mob (Glob) (aka New World Order)?! Or on the other hand, what causes these same peers to look away or stand idly by while some individual is pummeled by that Mob… or its submobs, e.g. the various levels of government in the United States.

Cracking the Code, CtCTake the case of Doreen Hendrickson, who was sent to federal prison for refusing to comply with a judge’s order that she (Doreen) commit perjury on a tax affidavit. Pete, her long-suffering and brilliantly persistent husband who made a crucial discovery in the language of the federal tax statutes that enables most of us to recover funds wrongfully withheld from us as income, continues valiantly “to fight dragons with a pitchfork.”

You may choose to look the other way,
but you can never say again that you did not know.
— William Wilberforce

Stand up for Doreen

Specifically, Pete has just filed his petition on behalf of Doreen to the US Supreme Court to hear her argument on the patently obvious unlawfulness of both the district court’s and the appeals’ court’s behavior. And in a passionate plea, to anyone who has eyes to see or ears to hear, Pete exhorts his readers to contact various purportedly liberty-seeking legal institutes of high stature who thus far have “chosen to look the other way.”  The statement by Pastor Martin Niemöller in the context of Nazi Germany’s rise has arguably been over- quoted, but it makes the point more eloquently than I can:

First they came for the <As>, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not an <A>.
Then they came for the <Bs>, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a <B>.
Then they came for the <Cs>, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a <C>.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

In Amerika, ‘THEY’ have come for a lot of people over the years, people that virtually no one spoke up for or stood up for. But Doreen’s case is the last in the line of acts of wholly arbitrary law. Any layman with the IQ of a hamburger can see that AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF THE AMERICAN JUDICIAL SYSTEM, prosecuting judges and attorneys have declared in BIG RED LETTERS that THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE LAW.

The law literally does not matter to those to whom it is required to matter.

Further, the watchdog entities, seeing this atrocity of injustice being committed by the new barbarians in robes, SAY AND DO NOTHING. [Call them. NOW! Today! Send them Pete’s appeal and his petition, find a human being to talk to and don’t let go until you find a cognizant legal activist or organization leader who will look at the details of the case and file an amicus brief!]

Finally, where are THE PEOPLE to apply pressure and awareness against this ubiquitous official enclave of sadistic corruption?! Nowhere to be found. And whose fault is that? The facile answer is we are all to blame, we’ve “morally failed”… to step up. Partly true… but misses the BIG PICTURE. The fact is, virtually all of us have been subjected to deep and sophisticated programming via our schools and other cultural institutions, from the day we started perceiving the world around us.

The Blue Pillar Syndrome (BPS) Program

Please refer to Rule from the Shadows, an incisive video that lays out the mind control agenda and technology behind our modern Matrix. Also recently I have been watching some of the the analyses and publications of David Icke about how ordinary people are manipulated from childhood to go along with the consensus reality inflicted on us by  ‘Authority.’ These Icke pieces are quite excellent, and he’s identified for me something I had not previously focused on… i.e., THE PROGRAMMING AND CONDITIONING. He even states that the program is effectively downloaded into most of us w/o much resistance.

This statement got me to speculating on the nature of ‘The Program.’ It’s fairly seamless, too, the downloading, between our government schools and government-controlled media. The less intelligent are easily brought along with the general program, like Pavlov trained his dogs to salivate from a stimulus associated to food. [For example, show a primal-urge-oriented teenage boy a picture of a hot babe on a beer bottle, with his favorite sports team image, and you can lead him around by his nose (or principal appendage) for life.]

Those with more intelligence—what I’m calling my Blue Pillar peers (pillar in the sense of being responsible, productive, conscientious, caring people whom others regard favorably and even look up to)—require a very sophisticated approach to create the stimulus that brings the association with MOPS-desired behavior and incentive to conform. With more intelligence often comes more tendency to question or think independently. How do you, as an elite MOPS, curb those sorts of tendencies?

Here’s my brief hypothesis on how the ‘smart kids’ are programmed to conform (i.e. how the BPS program works), thus providing to the MOPS-Glob, control-freak, would-be powerlords the analog of a prison trustee:

  1. Start very early with compromising parental authority over thought and behavior. [I have recently heard of some international ‘educators’ wanting to bring kids into the state factory schools as early as the age of two!] Also begin drugging children as soon as possible w/vaccines, psychiatric medicinals.
  2. The drill, once you have a child lined up and regimented in classrooms, controlled by bells, clocks, and autocrats, is straightforward: Reward approved behavior—dress code, conforming to the consensus, suppressing curiosity, self-deprecation. Penalize unapproved behavior, often subliminally.[2]
  3. The generation of feelings of warmth in an individual upon social approval has to be done especially cleverly, so the target child does not sense in any way he’s being demeaned by going along with the group; ideally, he feels indispensable yet takes no real joy in that, only a casual sense of entitled place in the herd.
  4. Fundamentally—and this is key—establish a hierarchy of convincing authority who the target individual comes to readily substitute for his own judgment in a powerfully reactive manner (the perceptual-emotional mode), rather than taking the time to apply logic independently.[3]
  5. Discourage logic and strict adherence to the laws of existence, identity, and causality; tolerate logical fallacies esp. ad hominen and appeals to authority… while at the same time have the target individual embrace these fallacies to buttress his unshakable perception that he—along with his holy authorities—is a sterling proponent of critical thinking and objective knowledge.[4]

The creation and perpetuation of MOPS’ support by such nominally good and high-minded people is the primary objective of their engineering of perceptions and consent. Why? Precisely because such individuals, by their pervasive ‘respectability,’  present the illusion of a factual basis for the MOPS’ high-crime assaults and the Big Lie deceptions that enable these crimes. Refer to my Threat Matrix.

I’m going to leave the discussion now on the nature of the Blue Pillar Syndrome. There’s much more of value that remains to be uncovered on this behavior (which I deal with in Part 2, here). The most important thing is to understand how to undo the syndrome, how to target and quickly deprogram the Blue Pillars who remain stubbornly essential to the Glob’s Death Star operations decimating Us on planet Earth.

Briefly, the Antidote…

…lies in propagation of truth, justice, and liberty through concrete focused activities consistent with the ‘Trumanist’ socio-spiritual philosophy/movement I’ve sketched the basics of here.  The following bullets summarize my thinking toward the antidote:

  1. Toto (Wake): The truth salients, which I have simplified with my ’10 Easy Pieces.’ These gems are spread thru the Correspondent process identified in the novel; they can also stand alone as undisputed fact cards and be used one on one to reach Blue Pillars.
  2. Dorothy (Stand): Application of the ‘Dorothy’ or justice aspect of the Truman Prophecy, of which the primary practical activity is the emergence of ‘ubiquitous people’s independent grand juries.’
  3. Truman (Walk): Self-realization of ourselves as human beings of a distinct sort, that is, holding and asserting Independent consciousness.
  4. Joy (Be): The spiritual cultivation I am working on via a new book(let) entitled The J Spot. [From my stumbling on ‘The Spiritual Magic Move’ (the Move), while I was writing Truman. My promo/intro for the book (which includes the Move) is available here:]

But the serendipitous antidote will probably happen all of a sudden due to the house-of-cards nature of the Big Lies of the official stories/high-crime assaults themselves. On any of the Threat Matrix attacks, all it will take is for a Little Boy—as in the Emperor’s New Clothes—to point out the immensity and obviousness of the Big Lie, then the whole rotted structure of the Death Star itself falls in one fell swoop. And we rebuild.

  • 9/11 Truth is one such Little Boy exclamation.
  • GMOs are another.
  • Right now, the movie VAXXED stands poised to demolish the vaccine and medical fascism holocaust.[5]
  • Or it could be any of the multiple official hoaxes manufactured by the Glob, from Sandy Hook to Omran, the Aleppo Boy.
  • Many, many et ceteras

On the human front, as we prep our Blue Pillar friends, emphasize that they do not want to be the last kid on the block to exclaim on the nakedness of the emperor. It’s high time for them to lose their fear of the Gurus of Conformity and start recognizing that it’s their neighbors they’re going to have to satisfy… i.e.despite being sucked in by the king and his charlatan weavers that they are NOT a bunch of insensitive, uncaring dumba***s who refuse to look and/or acknowledge that the king wears no clothes.

Part 2 of the Blue Pillar Syndrome here.

[1] The burgeoning human community of self-realized beings of independent conscious- ness. Please refer to the ‘Trumanist’ socio-spiritual philosophy movement, as presented in my novel, The Truman Prophecy.

[2] A great example of subliminal discouragement is shown in the movie that forms the central metaphor for my Truman Prophecy, that is, The Truman Show (1998). Recall how young Truman Burbank, to keep him on the island, is exposed to pictures of plane wrecks in travel agencies, songs that extol the joys of home sweet home, even fake drownings.

[3] The most telling cultivations of social authority here are the careful, painstaking work and constant public sentiment supporting false official stories of MOPS’ assaults… that are made by so-called scholars, political officials, business leaders, medicine men, historically respected journalistic outlets. [All these eminent cultural institutions began to be corrupted in the early 1900s, reached a critical mass of corruption when the Baby Boomers were children, and (since roughly the rise of the Neocons in the 1980s) are now fully corrupt beyond any hope of redemption. Yet the Blue Pillar Baby Boomers cling to the illusion that these institutions remain unsullied and rock solid sources of knowledge/public policy.]

[4] I can give you a large number of cases from personal experience. For instance, very recently, a Blue Pillar friend of mine (the wife of a longtime and close friend from college days—who is the inspiration for one of my characters in Truman) asserted she was not going to read any further my novel (The Truman Prophecy) because it supported the (Pete) Hendrickson Discovery… and she ‘knew’ (from hearsay) that Pete was a lowdown dirty scoundrel from way back when. I pointed out a) that her hearsay contradicted solid evidence to the contrary and b) her ad hominem argument indulged a fallacy that has not one thing to do with the truth of Pete’s liberating discovery. [I await her change of mind.]

[5] This Labor Day weekend, a free presumably pirated Web version was referred to me here. I watched it immediately. The link is no longer active. Thee movie is a  breathtaking, spellbinding indictment of the vaccine industry, the medical-fascist state behind it, and in particular gross crimes against humanity at the highest levels of the Center for Disease Control. Watch this film when it comes to a theater near you, then buy and spread it. I believe VAXXED, on its current vector, will be the David to bring the MOPS’ Goliath down for the count. [Note: VAXXED is available September 13, 2016 from Amazon.]












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