Stonebeam 8: The Vote 2020, Covtardians at the Gate

Story Shot 8, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 12 November 2020

This is sad for me to say. Just received a forwarded email letter via my dear prime-time friend, Randy, called the Tracinski Report, from a self-styled (expensive) opinionist of one of the ‘conservative’ branches of the Ayn Rand (philosophy of Objectivism) orthodoxy. It’s called “The Vote Fraud Fraud,” and rather stodgily heaps abuse on the many alternative voices who cite such pervasive fraud in this season of covtardia.[1]

  • As it lies today, we are still waiting for the shoe(s) to fall.
  • The Global Crime Syndicate (GCS) and media have picked Biden.
  • But recounts will be done in some states, perhaps key ones.
  • Fact is, GCS media does not certify elections, the states do.

My ‘beam today is not about what I think will happen, rather why a leading Objectivist pundit seems to have strayed more widely away from the truth-and-freedom enclave into controlled-opposition land. First the reputable alternative sources showing evidence of major corruption:[2]

  1. Michigan AG-banned recording of designed
    Dem op, Bitchute “#Detroitleaks.”
  2. From the polls in Detroit, Bitchute: “Patty 100% Fed Up
    (Detroit Poll Watcher).”
  3. Article in The Federalist “Dems try to Steal Election.
    John Daniel Davidson.”
  4. Epoch times “Merit serious investigation, former NSC Official.”
  5. Ben Swann series on election fraud c/o ISE.MEDIA
    “Election Fraud Nevada.”
  6. A lot of stories on software hacking. Search
    “Dominion software vote-flipping.”
  7. Eyewitness accounts of pro-Biden acts of sabotage of vote,
    omitted by Google.
  8. Media complicity and setup of the result,
    ref. The Federalist article for Twitter.
  9. The Giuliani campaign conference on vote
    “The Last Refuge, Rudy Giuliani.”

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Stonebeam 7. Taking out the ‘Noise Mind’ I

Story Shot 7, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 09 November 2020

“You already have it. Your mind is just making too much noise.”
— Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now (1999)

So who is Eckhart Tolle, you may ask?

He’s a spiritual teacher whom I’ve come to see as the supreme contemporary carrier (manifester) of the central spiritual message for humanity thru the ages—from the Buddha to Jesus to Gandhi.

Mr. Tolle, in his thirties, had recently experienced a life changing upheaval and transformation in an incident taking him from the brink of suicide to a “peace beyond understanding.” For months he would sit for hours on park benches, in a state of utter bliss.

Friends would ask, “I want what you have, how do I get it?”

Which is where the above-quoted response emerged.

Tolle became a source for me sometime during my Free State experience ca. 2006, and when I started doing and related writings. When I say “source,” his PON has become the go-to guide (along with Falun Dafa) for my spiritual cultivation practice—dog-eared with my stickies, highlights, underlines, notes, etc.

Tolle became a source for me sometime during my Free State experience ca. 2006, and when I started doing and related writings. When I say “source,” his PON has become the go-to guide (along with Falun Dafa) for my spiritual cultivation practice—dog-eared with my stickies, highlights, underlines, notes, etc.

It also informed my work… the Field of ideas-causes: ‘Independents Rising.’

Fast forward to a little more than a year ago, and search for my “Sharing Healing Tools” column on That column emerged from the courtroom speech by Howard Roark in Ayn Rand’s movie, The Fountainhead, when he stated, “There is no such thing as a collective brain.” [Thus the ‘collective-brain syndrome.’]

Think about that for a minute. It’s an axiomatic statement. We exist as individuals and our brains are part of our own individual bodies. Yet the consciousnesses of so many actually function subordinating their judgments, reasoning, hopes, wishes, dreams, fears, their entire emotional makeup, to ‘what others think’—herd mind.

The prime driver of modern mind control, Edward Bernays, knew this:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation  of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who run this unseen mechanism constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.”
— Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

For a penetrating look at the mechanism, see Rule from the Shadows, still on YouTube(?). For an anthropological view, read Julian Jaynes’ suppressed classic, The Origin of Consciousness… which holds that until very recently homo sapiens’ minds were ‘bicameral,’ one side taking literal orders (hearing voices) from the other, directly conveyed from the god-king, tribal leader, captive intermediaries, etc.

Jaynes also writes of periods of “vestigial” bicameralism…

…as today with the ‘covid’ god-king edicts based on 100% hot air, yet because of the 100-year setup of the collective-brain masses—especially w/ mainstream-sosh-media propaganda and state schools—unimpeded, like crap thru a goose-stepper.

What’s an Independent to do? Or a normie wanting to rise to self-presence?

Question: “Is ‘collective-brain’ (herd-mind) the same as ‘noise-mind?’

Answer: “Close enough for government work.”

Thus, if we can turn humanity one-by-one or en masse to drop ‘noise mind,’ then the deadly Body Snatcher ‘hive’ will overnight be sent packing by Snatchee enlightenment/abandonment: Read and practice Tolle. Be a quiet fireball via

For souls who have it well-nailed: Proudly identify out as an Independent. Resonate (align) with the “love force.” On the ground, use all available liberty resources.

How about a cup o’ joe to the writer?

Stonebeam 6. Having the Furnace Checked Out…

Story Shot 6, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 07 November 2020

… and other common ground.

This is election week 2020, I guess you would call it. And sure enough on the Friday, at least among my Twitter contingent—and other real friends in the freedom ‘neighborhood’ here in the SE Michigan area—we’re still reading and hearing about major voting shenanigans by the Michigan, and other swing-state, Democratic machinery in the presidential race. It goes higher, of course.[1]

[Probably, this one will wind up in the Supreme Court, too.]

I have an appointment to clean out my old Bryant heater.

Chad—not his real name, but seems fitting in honor of the Republican Party machinations to steal the prez election in 2000— is on his way. I’ll give a plug to his real company, Efficient Energy of New Hudson, who has been doing my major appliance work since dear Mom was living here and oh so special. I believe it was she who first found E2, while I was away contracting.

2020 is the “season of covtardia,”[2] as I’ve mentioned in previous beams.

The optimist in me believes the season will end as the facts come in, this year.

And part of this sense of optimism comes from the simple man-to-man w/Chad that commences almost at his point of arrival. Company image is likely the reason for the mask, though Chad wears his the better to breathe ‘round. They’re busy these days, as one might imagine, weather being springlike.

Forgot how I delved into it, something like, “The Biden rallies had, like, 10 people with face masks, Trump 10s of thousands, mostly muzzle free. What’s up with that? Did it seem to you, Chad, like a TV show with a foregone conclusion?” Continue reading

Stonebeam 5: Thriving On

Story Shot 5, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 06 November 2020

Let me tell you a story ‘bout a man named Foster…

Sorry for the flashback to the theme song about Jed Clampett and family (of The Beverly Hillbillies), my mind was subconsciously seeing the irony between good ol’ boy Jed and silver-spoon-rejectnik Foster Gamble of the P&G dynasty.

Foster, the ‘Comprehensivist’—prime mover of probably the most good-ol-boy-and-girl-uplifting cosmic come-together message in history. Let’s not forget his wife, Kimberly, in the genesis of Thrive—whom I believe acted as catalyst of the Key Question he poses in the initial Thrive video/ documentary:

“WhyTF are billions of us humans living in poverty, sickness, and fear?”

“And how do we set things aright?”

Go to the site to watch the first Thrive movie (for free), and to Foster’s Facebook page to take a look at why Foster strayed from the privileged interlocking-directorate way of exceptional trappings. [Of course, such a public figure exposing the “Global Domination Agenda” (GDA) is going to draw plenty of troll dumpings and more fashionable-enemy attacks. Heck, go to the IMDb page on Thrive, you’ll see either 2s or 10s, hate or love.]

Thrive is a 10+ in my database. The truth is in the pudding. Thrive, like Howard Roark’s Enright House in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, is “all the proof you need”… the core arguments he makes are bulletproof—independently fact-checked and verified by experts—not to mention viewed 90+ million times in 27 languages. How’s that for a marketing foundation to save the world?! Continue reading

Stonebeam 4: Election Day 2020

Story Shot 4, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 03 November 2020

Yessir, and I’m geeked. Well, not really.

See, I live in Michigan of the United States, and the governor of our state—her name is Gretchen Whitmer—just yesterday issued another “Emergency Order (EO).” This one’s a doozy… to have stores take part in tracking customers with a harsh penalty for noncompliance, like six months jail time! Imagine pulling up to the McDonalds’ drivethru:

“I’ll have a Big Mac and a coke.”
“What’s your name and contact information?”
“Clarabelle, c/o Buffalo Bob Studios.”
“Sorry, we don’t have you on our list, please fill out a form online.”
“Okay, what about my order?”
“We need you in our approved-client database first.”
“All right, don’t have my smartphone, need to go home to my computer.”
“Fine, sooner the better.”
“Why’s that?”
“This franchise is going out of business in two hours.”

My goodness. It’s like the outdoor tavern where you walk and sit in an inner tube to maintain social distancing. Or an NFL game with cardboard cutout fans and fake crowd noise. Or sharing a California family Thanksgiving sitting around in hazmat suits. Or… Variations on a Theme of ‘covid’ Bizarro World. Continue reading

Stonebeam 3. Invasion of the Je Ne Sais Quoi Snatchers

Story Shot 3, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 31 October 2020

Most Americans of my Baby Boomer origin (born 1946-1964), and a few die-hard science fiction fans afterward, remember the short classic movie of 1955, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, starring Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter. Outstandingly thought provoking!

[Briefly, from outer space comes a life form that takes over a mind-equipped species (humans in the movie) in a process of absorbing the mind-souls of individuals—into giant seed pods that become a duplicate of the humans’ bodies while the target persons sleep. (Yes, the process presents a number of logical problems, call it poetic license.) The consciousnesses of the newly formed pod-bodies merge into a collective-brain ϋber-consciousness called the Democrats, kidding; no, the new organism at the individual level IS rather like a communist “ideal society:” no self-identity, no emotions, no ambition, no necking and petting with your girlfriend at the drive-in theater… pure soulless, sexless collective brain.]

Whew! It’s actually a bit of work to put the synopsis to words. Continue reading

Stonebeam 2. Lions and Tigers and Distancing Inner Tubes, Oh My!

Story Shot 2, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 28 October 2020

Just could not let the reference in Stonebeam #1 to covtardia[1] go to waste with nothing left to say about it. After all, this disease is THE dictionary definition of “taking the cake for all time 900# (phantom) gorillas of human history.” Let me be the historian then and post one of my few photos in these story shots—I’m convinced that when parents of our time tell their grandchildren bedtime stories of real adult behavior in the ‘season of covtardia,’ none of the little ones will believe it for a second… even with photos and a Webpage.

That’s if the Web is even around in 40-some years.

Or people. Not taking any bets.

If a bunch of frat bros pulled a kegger one night, smoked some doobie, woke up on a sunny morning in La Jolla, then hatched an invention for naturally keeping six feet away from sandal-wearing hippies at the local beach club, I’d chalk it up to California fruit salad and think no more about it. But I believe it was actually a serious notion floated by a restaurant in, like, Baltimore. (!)

And lately Del Bigtree on The HighWire tells me that California governor Gavin Newsom is dictating the following rules for citizens of the state who gather at someone’s home for the upcoming Thanksgiving: Continue reading