Brian’s Column: Liberty Dollar Original

Federales fear Honest Money
First Published December 01, 2006

Liberty_dollarLive free and flourish!

Part of the noble equation of liberty is honest money.  Fortunately the National Organization to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act (NORFED) has given us the Liberty Dollar system to help us achieve just that.

Created by former Hawaiian Mintmaster Bernard von NotHaus, the Liberty Dollar is one ounce of silver embodied in one of the most beautiful pieces you’ll ever see.  It has a face value of $20, with other denominations available—i.e. you also have pieces and scrip of $10 and $5, which are 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz respectively. Continue reading

Doreen Hendrickson Goes to the Mat

One of Doreen Hendrickson's jurors did not give in to evil!… and Wins Round One

In yet another bizarre and outrageous assault on liberty and the law, Doreen Hendrickson, wife of noted educated-tax denizen, Pete Hendrickson, has been subjected to desperate attacks by the federal prosecutocracy for—get this—heresy. That is, she was charged by the US courts with contempt for refusing to sign a form stating she agreed with something that she did not in fact agree with. Folks, it don’t get more whacked out than this… Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Standing up for the Law, Part 1

High Noon for Americans as Pete Hendrickson
is convicted for filing truthful federal tax returns

This is a column that appeared originally in the old format on November 01, 2009. I’m transferring this column to the new format because it’s important information about how the system reacted to Pete Hendrickson’s discoveries about the ‘income’ tax… by railroading him on false information asserted by a judge committing petite treason. For the latest on the progress of the educated tax movement please go to Pete’s site: Continue reading

Book Review: Cracking the Code

The fascinating truth about taxation in America
by Peter Hendrickson
Review by Brian Wright

Cracking the CodeThree things cannot be long hidden:
the sun, the moon, and the truth
— Buddha

For a book that rather prosaically walks the reader thru centuries of political principles, statutes, and regulatory code pertaining to the American federal “income” tax (FIT)[1], Cracking the Code (CtC) is exceptional in so many ways. I especially want to draw the connection between concrete tax resistance or defiance—or in the case of Pete’s book on the FIT, accurate tax definition—and the worldwide movement toward adoption of the simple nonaggression principle in civil societies. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Tax Season Shuffle

“Just think of the money you get back!”

Well, it’s that time of year, you bet, all the reporting forms—Wn’s and 1099s and the corresponding ones for ‘income’-tax-enabled states—are supposed to have been delivered to the pigeons, er, ‘taxpayers’, by the end of January. I love the cheerful banter you hear from our home-grown victim class: “This is going to be a really good year, I’m getting a lot of money back!” [I’m reminded how a boy feels when his parents finally let him break open the piggy bank… only most parents don’t funnel 90% of junior’s deposits into their own pockets.] Continue reading