Brian’s Column: Twittering for the Cause-Oriented

Irony of a small-quick message vehicle delivering lifegiving deep-slow ‘messages’

Yes, at the common perceptual level, Twitter is a stimulus-response machine equipped for ‘he-said, she-said’ and Prominent-One notes to adoring faithful [for example, Justin Timberlake has more than 58 million followers… not that he shouldn’t] rather than promulgating salutary ideas that can move the species forward toward full independent consciousness in benevolent, voluntary community. By the way, for reference, here’s a screenprint of my own Twitter home page today, February 28, 2017:

Most of my readers are into causes, as am I. Especially grassroots causes that will distribute liberty and prosperity to real individual, peaceful human beings worldwide. But because of what call the Barrier Cloud, my cause-oriented fellows have been largely thwarted by the powers that be. By that I mean we normal, decent human beings around the world who have no interest whatsoever in harming one another—only in living in peace according to the nonaggression principle—have been systematically deceived and forced into wars and slavery by the Men of the Power Sickness. This condition is about to end.

Using Twitter to Break Through the Barrier Cloud

In this column I’m going to lay out the basics as I understand them, and simply amend my post as my understanding continues to improve. First, while Twitter is good for keeping in touch socially, it may prove IDEAL for promoting well thought-out, passionate, restorative causes. Here’s how: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Doreen Hendrickson, American Gandhi

The good word from Doreen’s husband Pete is that she’s on home tether
The epochal word is their message of truth and peace is about to break thru

IRS on TrialLet’s all liberty lovers share in Pete Hendrickson’s elation that his dear wife Doreen has now been released from federal prison where she was serving an 18-month sentence for refusing to commit perjury under orders of a federal judge. Yes, you read that correctly. The facts are plain and well presented in the video on the right. →

Doreen is now in home confinement… with the proviso that within 60 days she swear to a lie that her economically-gainful activities in 2002 and 2003 (and Pete’s) were taxable activities, rather than activities of common right in which the government has no ownership interest. [The statements have been written by the government and Doreen is meant to swear them as being her own words.] Almost certainly, at the end of 60 days, Doreen will again refuse to commit perjury[1]… “and THEN… and THEN… uh uh… and then along came Jones…” as the song goes.

Along Comes the Great Spirit of Mohandas Gandhi and Rosa Parks

Make no mistake about it, the federales have tied themselves up in a Gordian Knot… through stupidity, arrogance, and just plain meanness. What is Rogue Judge #2 going to do when Doreen continues to refuse to yield to Rogue Judge #1’s unlawful command? Send our hero back to the West Virginia federal compound for life?  Even in the toxic, dumbed-down, lackey-media country we’ve become, Doreen’s struggle and truth will break through.[2] She will have become an insuperable moral indictment of the rotted system for all to see, which system will unravel as the British Empire in India and racial supremacists of the Old South. Continue reading

Book Review: The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) (2014)

by Brian Wright
Book on kangaroo trial of Doreen Hendrickson sheds light on our truth…

Witchcraft… and liberation. [Reviewed by the author.]

Reposting from original date. For an update on Doreen with links to all the important sites and pages to help, please visit this page. — Proprietor

Since 2007, when I read Pete Hendrickson’s Cracking the Code, I, Brian Wright, have acknowledged and asserted my non-federally privileged status with respect to the federal ‘income’ tax. And believe all Americans to whom the ‘national excise tax’ does not apply should stop paying it (as a patriotic duty)… libertarians especially! Further, libertarians must learn and spread the immediately liberating and healing truths that Pete Hendrickson has unearthed… to hardstop the DC gangster state NOW.

As a personal friend of the Hendrickson family, I was caught up in the struggle to help Pete’s wife Doreen resist the vicious, arbitrary aggression by the court upon her for refusing a federal judge’s order to commit the felony crime of perjury. I attended her sham contempt trial in Detroit, for five days at the end of July 2014, and was moved to write this book—a journal of her ordeal and primer of the ideas for which she was persecuted—for her liberty… and ours. Continue reading

Guest Column: It’s Not Just Unlawful, It’s Downright Awful

Everyone show up for Doreen Hendrickson’s sentencing in Detroit on April 9
by Janice Daniels (original here)

JaniceIt is easy to imagine, but impossible to neglect or accept the fact that in 2015, nefarious government forces continue working overtime to try to silence the truth about taxation, income and justice.  So what’s new?

Remember, it was just 52 short years ago, when from a jail in Birmingham, Alabama, on April 16, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. penned the famous words, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Lest you think me too cynical, and that I speak only of smoke-filled rooms, in far off places, where the insatiable lust for power breeds an unspeakable level of corruption, consider the case of Mrs. Doreen Hendrickson, who lives right here in Oakland County, Michigan. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) Published

Book to free Doreen Hendrickson and share the love of Cracking the Code

WitchcraftThe Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) is a diary of the so-called trial of Doreen Hendrickson in federal court for criminal contempt for ‘refusing to obey a lawful order of a judge.’ [The judge commanded Doreen to perjure herself on a tax form by entering a specific value in a specific line of a specific government form… which, of course, Doreen, being an honest, brave woman, refused to do.]

Doreen is the wife of Peter Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code (CtC): The fascinating truth about taxation in America[1] (2003). This book has gained quite a following across the country for fluently yet painstakingly demonstrating that the federal so-called income tax, while constitutional, simply and solely applies to Americans whose earnings are due to exercise of federal privilege—via fed employment, officeholding, and the like. Continue reading

Guest Post: Come One, Come All…

… answer the call to stand with Doreen Hendrickson

By David Lonier:
Liberty Republican precinct delegate
Candidate for 8th District Congress in Michigan

Resistance_FrontCourt Watchers and Liberty Activists,

Doreen Hendrickson’s trial begins Monday July 21, 2014.

  • Please try to make one or more of these hearings, as this case is critical to our freedom.
  • This is the second time the court has come after her. The first attempt ended in a hung jury.
  • Doreen is being charged with contempt of court because she is unwilling to falsify her tax return.

This is the schedule: Continue reading

Guest Column: Help Stop Heresy Conviction

Doreen Hendrickson Faces Unbelievable Federal Contempt Trial, July 21
Let’s Everyone Who Possibly Can Show Up in the Peanut Gallery

4thBranchUnbelievable for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is this is the second trial for the same alleged offense. The first trial ended with a hung jury, which the judge decided to call a mistrial rather than an acquittal. [How in the world does that happen? Maybe I’m naive, but we were always told in civics 101 that you cannot be tried for the same offense twice. Who thinks we have grounds for a petition to a judge to form a grand jury to investigate Federal Judge Nancy Edmunds (Eastern District, Michigan) and bring rapid indictments for gross judicial misconduct? Until that happens, we’re going to have to ride out the misconduct and we hope secure a second jury acquittal.]

We need everyone who can possibly find time to attend the trial to make plans for visiting the courtroom and standing in her corner as a group of outraged citizens who will never back down in support of the rule of law:


Continue reading