Brian’s Column: ‘Aggregate’ Doreen Hendrickson

A simple plan to get the word out about …
the story in World Net Daily re: Doreen Hendrickson’s historic free speech case

WND_ArticleNo, by aggregate I’m not suggesting we inflict some new form of collective belonging on our poor heroine. 🙂 Rather, let’s each of us pick one or three of the top ten political news aggregators—like the Drudge Report, who operate as search engines of top news stories worldwide according to a user’s preferences (that’s what an ‘aggregator’ does)—to pick up the historic Doreen story by courageous reporter Alex Newman of World Net Daily (WND). We the people MUST take charage in getting out the word. Because quite obviously, the mainstream media are in the business of systematically blockading any story promising any semblance of truth, justice, and liberty to the human race.

The Aggregation Procedure—Please, Everyone at least Submit to Drudge

This is a simple procedure that will work. Pete Hendrickson, Shane Trejo, and a few others have come up with this plan. So let’s all just submit the Doreen story, as a minimum, to the Drudge Report, which is one of the more liberty-oriented of the giant aggregators.

  1. Go to the Drudge Report lead page here, then scroll to the lower right hand side, where you see a ‘Send News Tips to Drudge’ box.
  2. In that box, enter a variation of the following message: “Federal judge-prosecution team suborns perjury of Michigan woman, Doreen Hendrickson, in historic First Amendment case that can bring down the IRS:
  3. Press the Submit button.

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Guest Column: Mark Baker Closing His Family Farm

Michigan armed thugs chase patriot Mark Baker and family from farm and home
by Shane Trejo (Subtitle supplied by Coffee Coaster proprietor)
c/o Michigan Tenth Amendment Center



Mark_Baker_1Take a look at the picture above, and realize that is what you are living under. Totalitarianism has taken root in America, and it is a bipartisan affair. Both parties have sold our freedoms down the river.

The latest casualty in the government’s war against the rights of the people is Mark Baker. He is closing his small farm after many years of battling against state bureaucrats.

You can access his announcement at this link. A fuller background story appears here.

While we were enjoying the Christmas holiday, Michigan state bureaucrats under the command of Governor Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette were terrorizing the family of a patriotic military veteran to drive him out of business at the behest of their special interest paymasters of the Michigan Pork Producers Association and other special interests in the industrial pork lobby . Continue reading

Help Mark Baker, Patriot

Patriots to help Mark Baker fight Michigan tyrants… again
Please pitch in, courtesy Shane Trejo, 10th Amendment Center

Mark_BakerMark Baker is in trouble. State bureaucrats will not leave him alone. They stormed onto his property AGAIN yesterday with search warrants based on some trumped up charges.

A patriotic activist, Stefanie Simmet gave a more detailed explanation of what occurred on Facebook:

“The Michigan Department of Agriculture showed up on Mark Baker’s farm this morning with a search warrant, accompanied by the Michigan State Police. They left after Mark informed them that he wanted witnesses, and that he had friends on the way. The warrant is good for 3 days, and we expect them to be back, and possibly for Mark to be arrested. They’re obviously looking for something, and we have a sneaking suspicion that they just might find something… Continue reading

Let Doreen Know She’s in Our Thoughts

As Christmas approaches, Doreen Hendrickson needs to hear from us
Courtesy David Lonier,
PDF mailer and flier posted here

Doreen_Chrismas‘Tis the season to let Doreen know she’s in our thoughts.

Here’s the link to Doreen’s page:

Pontiac_Tribune_DoreenNote: The Pontiac Tribune recently published another powerful article by Shane Trejo calling for justice and shaming the corporate media for its complete blackout of this travesty of justice that destroys the freedom of all Americans.

Spread the word!

Doreen’s Address:
Doreen Hendrickson, 48564-039
FPC Alderson A-4, P.O. Box A
Alderson, WV 24910

She would love to hear your encouragement, uplift, appreciation and solidarity, and she can even be sent paperback books, as long as the envelope in which they are packaged has clearly written at the top: Paperback Book Enclosed. Continue reading

Guest Column: Michigan Legislature’s Latest Attack

Lansing’s War on the Constitution Intensifies
By Shane Trejo


We are under attack. We are at war, and it is hard to keep up with the many ways that the vipers in Lansing are screwing us. It’s coming from every angle.

SB306 is one of the latest cons that they are trying to pull on us. This legislation creates a non- governmental lobbying organization to lobby for an Article V Convention, paid for by Michigan tax dollars.

To make matters worse, SB306 would ensure that all of your tax dollars will go to lobbyists in other states. Michigan has already passed the call to convention, meaning there is no need to lobby in our state. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Doreen Hendrickson News Release

Assembled by myself and Shane Trejo, executive director of CRAL
June 26, 2015

DoreenPlease read and review. Also, this is a user document. We want everyone who sees the release to go to the original at this location (, then download it in Word format, adjust the date if need be, and send it forward to your local media and newswires in the general vicinity of wherever you hang your hat. The saga of Doreen and Pete Hendrickson needs to be sent out to the world, far and wide. They are the folk heroes around whom every American can rally… as we learn to claim/reclaim our property from Leviathan… and wrest a good woman from its clutches, bringing her home to family and friends. The word is Liberty. Spread the good word.

And fund the ongoing effort here:

Make viral the outstanding 12-minute video: As of this posting, number of visits/views to the YouTube channel is closing in on 10,000. Continue reading

Guest Column: Sheriff ‘Stingray’ Bouchard

Asset Forfeiture King Mike ‘Stingray’ Bouchard Runs from Honest Debate
by Shane Trejo, The Detroit Constitutionalist [Original Here]

Bouchard_sans_SwastikaThroughout the country, Constitutional Sheriffs are popping up everywhere and unleashing a wave of resistance against unconstitutional federal power that hasn’t been seen in generations. Last year, We the People formed an impromptu volunteer militia that successfully warded off federal land barons at the Bundy Ranch. Thomas Jefferson’s rightful remedy, state nullification, is being utilized to stop federal tyranny more than any time in our nation’s history. Guns continue to fly off the shelves at a staggering, astronomical rate. These encouraging developments are a breath of fresh air for freedom-lovers across the country.

However, not every Sheriff is on board with protecting our Constitutional freedoms against unjust federal overreach. Many are lined up at the federal trough, hoping to get their hands on gifts and goodies to bolster their own illicit power. These oathbreakers are ecstatic to do the bidding of the feds and push us ever closer to police state tyranny. One of these shameful folks, I’m sad to say, is Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard. Continue reading