Brian’s Column: The Truman Prophecy (2015), Excerpt #2

From Chapter: Toto Curtain #1: Golden Rules

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[Excerpt from The Truman Prophecy,
due for publication 12/25/15.]

… “We are fighting for the life and conceptual faculty of individual persons over Alien Collective technology that demotes our consciousnesses to the status of unquestioning ciphers… indeed, we throw off that technology by asserting our humanity as full and natural Independents.

“What’s more, we KICK ALIEN ASS!

“Strong words,” noted Sean.

“Well stated,” confirmed Katie.

“Thanks for the ear, you two,” acknowledged Chance. “I wanted to cover at least some of the high-spiritual material with you before moving on to the Toto business at hand. But you know what?”

“What?” they said in unison.

“Fulfillment occurs at its own pace and in the free flow of energy among those committed to it. No one can predict or prophesize the full flowering of the Independents to the final detail. A prophet only sets things in motion. Continue reading

Guest Column: Independents’ Day

2016-11-08, Novi, Michigan. [Excerpt from the upcoming The Truman Prophecy.]


PuppetDespite the massive parade-style, police-state presence, traffic lanes were fully cleared by local authorities and the Snyder Complex gates opened for parking at 0800 sharp. Long lines of cars queued for entry from east and west along Grand River Avenue. [Picture the ‘If you build it, they will come’ scene in the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams, only in the morning and in a suburb of Detroit.]

Billed as the Kickoff of the Next Stage [of human evolution]—and because so many wanted to show up in person on a BIG stage for this cosmos-rending Independents’ Day ‘portal’—attendance for ‘official’ Snowden-Manning (S-M) stadium-rally-style events had to be modulated by price. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Notes to the 2d Edition of After 9/11 Truth

Accommodating Toto Worldwide and The Truman Prophecy

After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_ReducedThe best-laid plans of mice and men oft go awry… as the poet Robert Burns (1785) put it. So, too, the summary book I wrote on the 9/11 attacks and my concept of what actions best to take to achieve ‘truth’ most efficiently. Well, not awry exactly, but in need of UPDATE based on subsequent discoveries and actions. A significant part of those discoveries have been ‘of self,’ namely that yours truly, being a writer and affected by a modest engineering habit of mind, tends to look at the world a certain way. That is with a naive remote impartiality that says, “after solid study and effort, I see or have derived the following grand process that, if followed, will produce the desired result.”

The desired result, of course, in the case of 9/11, yielding general truth and freedom.

And if you read the Amazon review comments to After 9/11 Truth—excerpts of many of them are included as testimonials with this imminent second edition—those readers of my liberty and reason milieu do completely get the message. The problem is I want and need to cultivate a larger audience, which is what I thought my ‘engineering plan’ of the second half of the 1st edition would accomplish. Alas, people—readers and doers—are not items in an equation, however elegant or ironclad the solution appears. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Truth and Justice Caucus

Proposing a Truth and Justice Caucus for the Libertarian Party​
[… and perhaps apply it to the other political parties]

2d_revolutionIn the interests of growing party participation toward the ultimate goal of a free society worldwide, I’m forming the ‘Good Neighbor Truth and Justice (GNT&J) Caucus’ to persuade LP and Libertarian Party of Michigan supporters to take a new political strategy along the lines advocated in my books, Leaving the Sandbox ( and After 9/11 Truth ( (and other sources). Specifically, the caucus will: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Truman Prophecy

Teaser for ‘my first’

TrumanPlease if you should like where it seems to you that I’m going with this startup segment, support my work via any of three related, integral-to-the-book crowdfunding projects. Note the descriptions for these projects are linked on the gofundme pages for them; you do not have to make a donation in order to read the descriptions. I shall try to keep the projects up to date as I’m completing the novel. You can see it’s of a political genre. Time integration with these real humanitarian projects requires that the novel reach completion this year. Realistically it looks mid November 2015. Here are the projects with links to the descriptions/funding pages:

Draft excerpt from The Truman Prophecy, by Brian Wright

Outside the Panera, a block north on Grand River Avenue, squads of steroid-drenched fusion cops marched with crazed eyes in parade formation. Or lucky ones rode and postured, Mussolini-like, atop dozens of military surplus personnel carriers obtained by Oakland County for the occasion. [Each tank sported two 3-ft. by 10-ft. banners with “My Child Kissed the Darth Vader Cigar Ring of Sheriff Bouchard” in large bold lettering… accompanied by a 2-ft.-diameter police-capped ‘happy face.’] The vehicles’ back-and-forth transit, skirting the Rick Snyder Complex for State Supremacy (formerly the Novi Suburban Collection Center), made quite a racket.[0] Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Toto Worldwide Organization

Beist_SymbolEditor’s Note: The following is the second section of a three-section document that I’m assembling to prospect for a so-called ‘Toto’ organization that serves to bring truth and justice to the world… primarily by pulling back the curtain on the 9/11 attacks and other ‘high-crime assaults’ that have at their core a massive amount of deception. Although the first section of the prospectus represents several enhancements from the original two-sided ‘Project Toto’ document, it covers the same ground as that ‘Project Toto’ document, which is a former column at this location.

Toto Worldwide follows from the action concepts of my book, After 9/11 Truth, (A911T) which proposes a ‘Truth-Letter Closure’ (TLC) campaign by persons recruited from the general 9/11 Truth community—which sends templatized letters of appeal, one-by-one, to targeted ‘Respected Deniers’ (RDs) from a participant’s contacts. The object of a TLC message is threefold, to have the RD: Continue reading