Brian’s Column: The Truth Tsunami

After being bottled up like an angry volcano, is 2017 when the truth lets loose?

Yes, I think so. Very good odds, I’d say.

As many readers know, I’ve long been a general ‘truther,’ from 9/11 to ‘smart’ meters, from GMOs to toxic aerosol skies, from corporate-government factory schools to debilitating lies about the federal income tax. All these and more represent a series of deception-enabled high-crime assaults by the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS), which I show how to simply ‘undo’ in my recent novel, The Truman Prophecy, and its derivative spiritual-political philosophy of Trumanism.

Nevertheless the powers that be (PTB), the Imperial Wizards, have many tricks up their sleeves to thwart awareness of their plans, to keep people in the dark like mushrooms with automated, 24/7 systems for dumping TV perceptual-emotional BS fertilizer on them. Yet, with Englanders rejecting the European Union and Americans electing Donald Trump—not saying anything laudatory about the man (it looks like he’s going to turn into just another globalist-mob Swamp Creature), only his significance relative to people not blindly accepting the BS anymore—humanity is showing signs of awakening from decades of a New World Order-induced trance.

The lion’s share of the NWO mind control machinery is used to disguise high crimes of the most monstrous dimension and intent. I wrote a book, The Truth Torpedo, now a bit dated, but focused on several of these Threats. My own latest highest-priority Threats are identified in the Truman Prophecy and Philosophy, as follows: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Blue Pillar Syndrome (Part 1)

Homing in on the pervasive core mind-control program for human subjugation…
with reasonable expectation of that program’s imminent excision

I am extremely thrilled about my column today! Why? Because it deals with perhaps the most potent independent-human, health-bringing discovery since the advent of natural, individual rights. I’m talking about noodling out just how the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) have managed to turn vast numbers of human beings (including most dear ones we know) into willing ciphers serving the MOPS’ antihuman agendae.

Indeed, our high-minded, good-hearted friends who prefer the Matrix‘s Blue Pill (the Blue Pillars) are all that stand in the way of humanity’s near-term ‘Red Pill’ liberation

T_B_Emblem_3What I have been trying to do with this column—and, believe me, I’ve gone back and forth dozens of times, simply coming up with the exact right title… that is, a name for the critical barrier affliction of our peers we Indiecons[1] (We) face—is name and describe what We are up against in order to adroitly excise it from human society.

I’ve done sooo much thinking about The Big Why: What it is that causes vast numbers of our respected peers to accept and push the official stories of so many high-crime assaults of the Global Mob (Glob) (aka New World Order)?! Or on the other hand, what causes these same peers to look away or stand idly by while some individual is pummeled by that Mob… or its submobs, e.g. the various levels of government in the United States.

Cracking the Code, CtCTake the case of Doreen Hendrickson, who was sent to federal prison for refusing to comply with a judge’s order that she (Doreen) commit perjury on a tax affidavit. Pete, her long-suffering and brilliantly persistent husband who made a crucial discovery in the language of the federal tax statutes that enables most of us to recover funds wrongfully withheld from us as income, continues valiantly “to fight dragons with a pitchfork.”

You may choose to look the other way,
but you can never say again that you did not know.
— William Wilberforce
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Brian’s Column: What’s the Sane, Sober Prez Ticket for 2016?

The megacriminal Hillary Clinton is the worst possible choice, but then who?

BarrierDepends on your premises. Let me tell you mine. As a primer, please watch the Thrive video (~2 hours), followed by Rule from the Shadows (~0.5 hours). Also please read my monograph The Barrier Cloud (28 pages). These establish beyond a reasonable doubt that 1) a covertly operating Western Cabal, calling itself the New World Order (NWO),[1] is in the process of fulfilling its plans to ‘full-spectrum’ dominate humanity, and 2) it has developed an extremely sophisticated technology of media-and-mind control to engineer/program perceptions and consent among vast numbers of the world population.

MatrixThis particular power conspiracy of the West has been in operation from the middle of the second millennium (AD:01011001-12312000) and with end of dominance by the Church of Rome (via the Reformation, early 1500s) the center of control transferred to the cartel interests of the English Crown—let’s call them the Anglo-Imperialistas (AIs).[2] More recently, with ascendancy of political-international Zionism in the late 1800s and imposition (via the AIs) of the state of Israel, the power matrix has reached the threshold of, just that, an analog of the computer-driven tyranny described in the movie The Matrix. IMHO, the prime movers in this modern planetary ‘toxocracy’—Glob, NWO—are the Zionist-Israeli deep statists (ZIs)[3] and their American neo-‘conservative’ henchmen.[4]

This is the human face of the Glob, but in actual fact, the MOPS supremes may have turned over the day-to-day activities and planning to some neural network or artificial intelligence ‘cloud,’ supercomputer, who knows what… the possibility even exists that the MOPS are an alien civilization or cybernetic hybrid. What is more important than WHO the Glob is is THAT the Glob is. As Jesus said, you shall know it by its works. Here are the diabolical works unleashed upon us by the Global Mob: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: People’s Justice Ends Public Terror

Understanding and ending the escalating public-terror assaults at their source

TV-Head-StopThese days, no sooner does a purported ‘lone nut’ terrorist attack—99 times out of 100, the nutcase and/or patsy has connections to ‘radical Islam,’ gee, what are the odds?—on innocents occur, worldwide, than the next week here comes another. TV-Planet-Mind was just getting accustomed to the (6/12) Orlando, Florida, (extremist-Muslim-hatred) op vs. homosexuals when on Bastille Day (7/7), Charlie Hebdo II takes place in Nice, France—via an 18-wheeler-wielding assassin, the TV gods say, who mowed down multiple civilians for Allah.

Mainstream ‘news’ is still coming in and if the past is any indication, we the people are going to be lied to, grossly, once again. In recognition of the rash of ongoing subterfuge by public officials and their embedded media, I have put together a two-step program for hard stopping these atrocities: 1) ascertain that the official story is a lie and 2) form a people’s grand jury to investigate and indict officials and their accomplices for misconduct. As James Fetzer has stated in respect to the Sandy Hook Hoax:

“Faking [or actually committing] a … shooting to instill fear into a population for political purposes is an act of terrorism [a crime against humanity], where it has become clear that this instance was brought to us by officials at every level of … government….”

So here is my brief preanalysis and recommendation to deal with the general case of state-sponsored public-terror events.[1] Continue reading

Guest Column: Orlando Gay Community

Caught in the crossfire on an international stage
by Kevin Brant, excerpted from Facebook post to General Truth News

OrlandoCasting about on the Web and social networks, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the ‘Orlando incident’ is extremely fishy to say the least. I particularly appreciate this serious attempt to provide background. From a well-reasoned post on Facebook by Kevin Brant. — Ed.

Is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Evidence and recent history suggests yes there is:

A 2014 Human Rights Watch Report found that government agents were ‘directly involved’ in most high-profile US terror plots:

“Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the ‘direct involvement’ of government agents or informants, a new report says.”

Why do governments inflict terror on their own population? Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The 2016 LP National Convention

Libertarians nominate presidential ticket Gary Johnson/William Weld,
now actually standing a chance of winning the 2016 election… IF…

SM_Johnson-Weld… they continue to avoid shooting themselves in the foot (as was ever their wont) and rise to the challenge of The Truman Prophecy… by committing themselves to the Snowden-Manning political program. [In a phrase, the Libertarians “have to bring real truth and real justice to real people.”]

Note: From Shane Trejo’s column here, I realize that Weld, with some disturbing specifics to his background, could be a colossal mistake. But I don’t think so. As I try to point out in this column, what matters isn’t who our candidates are but the political program they will effect. And WE, the truth-justice-liberty warriors, will be—or certainly can be—the driver of what they do. They represent us; we have to insist they embrace the Snowden-Manning program, or else! ALL parties and ALL candidates.

It was a cliffhanger from what my Rose—watching CSPAN—was telling me with regular updates this afternoon. Gary Johnson won the presidential nod this morning on a second ballot, handily. But his preferred vice-presidential candidate, William Weld—another former two-term Republican governor in a largely Democratic state (Massachusetts 1991-1997)—had to duke it out with a handful of presumably fine individuals yet having the political notability of the dogcatcher in Enid, Oklahoma. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Is Donald Trump the ‘Apple Girl’…

… or Big Brother soft shoeing for the zombies

AppleGirlWhen a person makes an incorrect choice or supports a mistake, he needs to fess up and make things as right as possible… and as quickly as possible—to the extent people respect his opinion and to the extent of the magnitude of the mistake. Well, mea culpa wrt to the Trumpster. And I feel a need for deep apology to my modest group of followers for any impression I have given that Mr. Trump is anything more than, at best, a leader of one subgroup of the global syndicate vs. another.

The syndrome leading to my mistake—I never fully endorsed the man, but conveyed favorably some statements Trump had made about this issue or that one—is the classic fallacy that the apparent enemy of my enemy is my friend. The rest was simply falling for the wishful-thinking fallacy. And if ever we were going to wishful think, the 2016 election would be the ideal candidate. Trump actually conjured up for me the prophetic Howard Beale character in the 1976 movie, Network, trumpeting from his anchorman pulpit, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Also the so-called Apple Girl from the 1984 Superbowl advertisement for the Macintosh, per the figure above right.

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